how long does marijuana stay in your system with thc elimination times

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

“I’m a 6’2” man and have 178 lbs. I have a drug test in 4 days, haven’t been smoking weed for a week. Will I pass a drug test? I have a regular cannabis smoking habit.”

The most common standard urine drug test can detect THC up to 90 days after inhalation/ingestion. Does that mean that everybody who has smoked a joint in the last 90 days will test THC positive? Of course not; it depends on how frequently you smoke, M/F and how much you weigh.

So if not 90 days, how long does weed stay in your body?

We looked into published scientific studies about how long does weed stay in your system. The goal of looking at more than 6000 gathered and tested urine samples was to answer how many days of marijuana abstinence is needed to pass a drug test for various subjects (male/female, underweight/overweight, one time users as well as chronic users).

test tubes with urine prepared for urine drug testing of marijuana
Meta-analysing 6000 urine samples to determine how different factors affect marijuana elimination kinetics.

The speed of weed elimination data was calculated for everybody:

  • Male and female.
  • One-time puffers all the way to heavy chronic marijuana users.
  • Underweight people (with low body fat mass percentage) and overweight people (for example, an individual weighing 300 lbs passing a drug test is increasingly difficult).

In the end, you should know when will weed be cleansed out of your system if you’re a chronic user, a woman, a man, somebody with over 200 pounds or a one-time user will less than 100 pounds. And everything in between, of course.

If you estimate that you’ll fail a drug test, you should check out our article about Complete THC Detox to speed up the elimination of THC out of your body considerably.

Weed Elimination Times

Weed might be great for a number of reasons but THC elimination time is definitely not one of them.

Most of the other drugs (even hard drugs) leave our system in 1-3 days after ingestion. Unfortunately, marijuana can accumulate in your body and it takes significantly longer time to leave the system.

How long does weed stay in your system?

Simple short answer: 1 to 90 days.

Simple long(er) answer: 

  • One-time smokers: 2-7 days.
  • “Weekend” smokers (1 joint/week): 5-10 days.
  • Moderate smokers (3 joints/week): 10-17 days.
  • Chronic smokers (7 joints/week): 17-30 days.
  • Heavy chronic use (more than 10 joints/week): 30-48 days.

Scientific answer: It depends. Did you smoke just once or are you a chronic user? How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Male or female? What kind of a drug test are we talking about – urine test or hair test? What are your levels of physical activity and body fat mass?

We’ve prepared conglomerated lists of THC elimination times for men (tall, normal, short) and women (tall, normal, short).

For example, here is a list of estimated THC elimination times for an average high male (5’6” – 6’2”):

Average Height Male (5’6” – 6’2”)

Average Male (5’6” – 6’2”)150-200 lbs200-250 lbs250-300 lbs300+ lbsRecommended Detox:
1 joint once2.9 days3.5 days4.2 days 5 days Water
1 joint per week5.7 days6.5 days7.3 days 8.2 days Water + Physical Activity
3 joints per week11.1 days12.2 days 13.7 days 15.1 days 3-Day Toxin Rid
7 joints per week18.6 days21.1 days 24 days 26.9 days 5-Day Toxin Rid
10+ joints per week33 days
35.1 days38.6 days41.6 days10-Day Toxin Rid
You can find 5 more THC elimination lists for down below.

These include:

  1. Tall male(above 6’2”)
  2. Short male (below 5’6”)
  3. Tall female (above 5’7”)
  4. Average height female (5’1” – 5’7”)
  5. Short female (below 5’1”)

Scientifically speaking there are a great number of factors that determine how long does it take for marijuana to leave our bodies.

For example, people with higher BMI (body mass index) test positive for THC days or even week longer than people with lower BMI.

To simplify it, we boiled down some research studies into simple enough figures for THC detection in urine. More than 90% of drug screening test urine for weed. If you’re faced with a lab test, you will almost certainly have to ‘pee in a cup’.

We do also assume you were smoking ‘some good sh*t’ (that translates into 3.55% THC cigarettes).

How Long Is Weed Present In Your Urine?

Most of the time when people talk about drug tests, they talk about the urine drug test.

Testing urine for marijuana (THC-COOH metabolite to be exact) is the standard procedure that employers use in order to determine if you’ve been using cannabis.

The length of time weed can be detected in urine is quite a disputed topic. We have two extreme anecdotal cases:

  1. “I’m get blazed all the time (loading some fat ones) and passed a lab test 3 days after my last joint with flying colors, bro.”
  2. “Went to Amsterdam, smoked a joint just to try it (that stuff was really good). A month later, I failed a drug test and was fired on the spot.”

Weed leaves your body in 3 days or in a month: which is it?

how long does weed stay in your system caledar

Sure, there are lots of this kind of anecdotal cases but nobody really likes to risk his or her job with something as serious as failing a drug test.

That’s why we used the result of a clinical study published in the renowned Journal Of Analytical Toxicology to base the calculation of how many days it takes for weed to leave your body.

The number of evaluated urine samples exceeded 6,000 individual samples.

The THC elimination times are categorized based on sex, height, weight and smoking habit.

That’s how everybody can find themselves in the tables below and get a good grip on how long does it take for weed to stay in their individual body.

After that, you can check out how to do a complete THC detox in order to cut the time it takes for THC to leave the body in half (or even more).

Tall Male (Above 6’2”)

With each of these cases, we segmented how long it takes for weed to leave your body by two factors:

  1. Weight.
  2. Cannabis smoking frequency.

Example: If you’re a tall male (above 6’2”) with a moderate smoking habit (3 joints a week) and weigh 198 pounds, the best estimate of how many days does weed stay in your system is 12.3 days.

Here is the estimation table of days after which weed is likely not detected in the urine of a tall man:

Tall Male (Above 6’2”)150-200 lbs200-250 lbs250-300 lbs300+ lbs
1 joint once2 days2.6 days3.3 days4 days
1 joint per week5 days5.7 days6.5 days 7.3 days
3 joints per week10 days11.2 days12.5 days13.9 days
7 joints per week17 days19.8 days22.3 days25.7 days
10+ joints per week30 days32.9 days36 days39.1 days
Based on this data, we can answer the initial question. Here are the case data:

  • Height: 6’2” (tall man)
  • Weight: 178 pounds (fits into the 150-200 lbs segment)
  • Days of abstinence: Haven’t smoked for a week and has an upcoming urine drug screening for marijuana in 4 days (11 days total).
  • Smoking habit: Regular smoking habit should fit 3 joints/week category.

How long does it take for the weed to leave his body?

According to the rough estimates in the table, such an individual should pass a urine drug test in 10 days.

That’s how we can say with high probability that such an individual should pass a standard laboratory drug test for marijuana.

If, for example, he would hit the bong 7 times per week, the THC would sufficiently leave his body to pass a drug test in about 17 days. If this were the case, such an individual would most probably fail a urine drug test.

The following tables include calculated rough estimates of how long does THC stay in the body for other types of bodies:

Shorter Male (Below 5’6”)

Shorter Male (Below 5’6”)150-200 lbs200-250 lbs250-300 lbs300+ lbs
1 joint once3.8 days4.5 days 5.2 days 6 days
1 joint per week6.3 days 7.2 days 8.1 days 9 days
3 joints per week12.2 days 13.4 days 14.8 days 16 days
7 joints per week20.3 days 22.4 days 25.1 days 28 days
10+ joints per week35.9 days
38.7 days
41.2 days
44 days

Tall Female (Above 5’7”)

Tall Female (Above 5'7'')100-150 lbs150-200 lbs200-250 lbs250+ lbs
1 joint once3 days 3.6 days 4.2 days 5 days
1 joint per week6 days 6.6 days 7.4 days 8.1 days
3 joints per week11.5 days 12.5 days 13.6 days 14.7 days
7 joints per week19.8 days 21.5 days 23.4 days 25.3 days
10+ joints per week35 days
37.2 days
39.4 days
41.7 days

Average Height Female (5’1” – 5’7”)

Average Female (5'1'' - 5'7'')100-150 lbs150-200 lbs200-250 lbs250+ lbs
1 joint once3.3 days 4 days 4.7 days 5.5 days
1 joint per week6.5 days 7.2 days 7.9 days 8.6 days
3 joints per week11.8 days 12.8 days 13.9 days 15 days
7 joints per week21.2 days 22.7 days 24.3 days 26.4 days
10+ joints per week37.1 days
39.2 days
41.4 days
43.6 days

Shorter Female (Below 5’1”)

Shorter Female (Below 5’1”)100-150 lbs150-200 lbs200-250 lbs250+ lbs
1 joint once3.6 days 4.4 days 5.2 days 6.1 days
1 joint per week7 days 7.8 days 8.4 days 9.2 days
3 joints per week12.2 days 13.3 days 14.5 days 15.8 days
7 joints per week22.6 days 23.9 days 25.2 days 27.6 days
10+ joints per week39.2 days
41.3 days
43.5 days
45.7 days

How To Calculate The Time It Takes For Weed To Leave The Body?

THC elimination times vary quite a lot between individuals.

Numerous studies were conducted producing non-coherent results. However, there is a silver lining connecting a majority of conducted studies of THC elimination speed.

Namely, certain ‘rules’ were observed:

  1. The heavier the smoking habit, the longer it takes for our system to eliminate THC.
  2. Higher BMI leads to longer elimination times. That’s why heavier people need longer time to detox.
  3. Higher body fat percentage leads to a prolonged time it takes for weed to leave the body. Because the total body fat percentage of women is significantly higher than in man, women need to detox longer.

One important factor is also the kind of urine THC tests that are being used. In the calculations above, it was presumed that the detection of THC in urine is being conducted with a standard drug screening test with a 20 ng/ml cut-off rate. Some laboratories might also be using an older lab screening test with 50 ng/ml cut-off rate.

When calculating the period after which THC is no longer detected in urine, the following factors were taken into the account:

  • Smoking habit.
  • Sex.
  • BMI (as a conglomerate of height and weight).

Based on those and the available data from clinical studies the extrapolations (mostly linear) can be drafted.

Nonetheless, it is very important to understand that the THC elimination data in the tables are merely rough estimates and cannot 100% guarantee somebody with a certain body constitution, sex and smoking habit will pass or fail a drug test.

Share How Many Days It Took You To Detox From THC

If you have a personal experience and can shine a light at how long does it take for weed to leave the body, you can share it in the comments.

Example: “I passed a drug test despite being a heavy user (5’7”, male, 210 lbs). Did the whole abstinence thing and drank gallons of water for 15 days, passed with flying colors.”

Alternatively, if you have a question about your individual case, you can also place a comment that looks something like this:

“I have a drug test in 3 days, haven’t smoked for 5 days, will I pass? I’m 6’1” man, weigh 213 lbs and have been smoking 3 joints per week for ages.”

Some clinical studies and other sources:

(1) Goodwin RS, Darwin WD, Chiang CN, Shih M, Li SH, Huestis MA. Urinary elimination of 11-nor-9-carboxy-delta9-tetrahydrocannnabinol in cannabis users during continuously monitored abstinence. J Anal Toxicol. 2008;32(8):562-9.

(2) Huestis MA, Henningfield JE, Cone EJ. Blood cannabinoids. I. Absorption of THC and formation of 11-OH-THC and THCCOOH during and after smoking marijuana. J Anal Toxicol. 1992;16:276–82.

(3) Reiter A, Hake J, Meissner C, Rohwer J, Friedrich HJ, Oehmichen M. Time of drug elimination in chronic drug abusers. Case study of 52 patients in a “low-step” detoxification ward. Forensic SciInt. 2001;119:248–253.

(4) Sharma P, Murthy P, Bharath MM. Chemistry, metabolism, and toxicology of cannabis: clinical implications. Iran J Psychiatry. 2012;7(4):149-56.

360 thoughts on “How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?”

    1. ScienceWeedly

      2 puffs of a vape, in most scientific language, is an insignificant amount of THC. Of course, it does depend on how well you’ve inhaled, how THC-rich was the vape as well as your weight/height; however, the chances of a standard urine drug test to detect 2 puffs are near 0%.

      1. 5’6, 300 lbs female. Heavy cannabis smoker, stopped about 30 days ago. Smoked a little yesterday. If I stopped smoking completely how long do you estimate before my urine will be clear of THC?

        1. Hello Ash, given the heavy chronic use and the high BMI it can take as long as 60 days. First thing’s first; you should stop smoking ASAP. You can speed up the elimination by increased hydration and physical activity to bring it down to 52-55 days (rough estimates, obviously). You can use the big 10 Day Toxin Rid Program and reduce the time down to 10 days or even opt for synthetic urine.

          All in all, the elimination time varies quite a lot in heavy chronic users and the smartest way to truly know when you’re negative is by getting several home drug tests from your local pharmacy and test yourself after 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 days.

          1. Okay and quick question if Im 5’7 and weigh 170 and I took one hit off a dab pen but I’m active to and drink lost of water N cranberry juice.

          2. One hit off a dab pen doesn’t contain a significant amount of THC. Yes, you can easily flush it would by being active and hydrating normally.

        2. I was smoking 90 % thc vapes about 2 days a week. Maybe 5-6 hits each day. I am 5ft 11 172 lbs. Eat a keto diet 95 percent of the week along with one meal a day. Also do weight training 3-4 days a week. I habe been clean for 15 days and have a urine test in 5 days. What are my chances of passing?

          1. Hello Welby, without keto you would have at least decent chances of passing. However, being on a keto diet is likely to increase your chances since the other layers of your fat tissue where THC is usually accumulated over time are slowly being burned thanks to the diet. There are no scientific studies that would connect the keto diet with THC elimination; hence it’s much harder to estimate the additional advantage of being on a keto diet.
            Here’s what’s important: Consumer high-calorie diet a day before the test and on the day of the test. Eating 3000+ kcal will stop the fat-burning process and any remaining THC in the fat tissue will be more likely to stay there (away from the bloodstream and urine) during a drug test.

          2. Darlene Hernandez

            Hi my name is Darlene I am a moderate smoker. I am 5”0 and I weigh 130lbs. I have a drug test in 25 days will I be clean if the last time I smoked was this Monday?

          3. Hello Darlene, if you’re a moderate smoker, you should start testing negative after about 3 weeks. So you have a high chance of passing the drug test with 25 days of abstinence.

      2. I’m around 150, 5/10, female, I used to be a heavy smoker but now I rarely do. I smoked 2 puffs last night. 6 days ago I took like 4 puffs. And about a week and 5 days ago I took like 4 puffs. Help me!

        1. If it’s more than 90 days from your heavy smoking period, the THC that was accumulated inside your fat cells is most likely gone. Those puffs take days to clear out. You are pretty much safe on any drug test right now.

      3. 235 pounds 5’10
        I smoked 7gs total on the 26 and 27th of august.
        When drunk I took a small hit out a pipe nothing crazy on the 15th of September.
        I have a drug test on October 19th or a few days after will I be good I haven’t done nothing since and I not even sure if I inhaled but just in case.
        please get back too be as soon as you can thank you.

        1. Hello Gabe, you have nothing to worry about. Only chronic smokers have to be concerned about the THC accumulation in their body which significantly increases the time it takes for all the marijuana to leave the system. Considering your last use was on the 15th of September, you will almost certainly pass the drug test. To confirm, use a home drug test, it will also calm you down.

    2. I’m 6′ 4 220 pounds 34-36 in waist walk daily was a chronic user haven’t smoked in 18 days still testing positive on home tests
      I have at least another 2 weeks I can put off pre employment test
      What should I do???

      1. Testing positive after 18 days is normal for a chronic smoker. You should check out the post about THC detox; should help you clean your system of THC faster (but it’s a bit of work (THC pre-rid pills, diet, physical activity) and good detox can cost quite a lot).

          1. Gram to 2 grams a day roughly 2-3 rolled ones maybe a little more on weekends
            At 49 days I seen the faintest line on a at home test
            I am testing every 7 days this week will be 56 days will update

          2. I was a chronic smoker ,had smoked daily for 30 plus years and stopped on Sept 22,2018 .
            I am 5 foot tall, physically active but ,have a slow metabolism. It took me 44 days to test clean via urine test .

          3. InfrequentSmoker

            4’11, 107 lb female, mid-20’s.

            I smoke occasionally (1-3 times/week, usually 1-2), the last time being the 17th. When I do, usually it’s no more than half a blunt. I have a test tomorrow making it 15 days of not smoking. I’ve passed 6 home tests at different points of different days. I used to be very active months ago, but haven’t in the last two months. Should I still be worried?

    3. If I am a 6’4, 215 pound male who has hit a “dab pen” almost every day for about a month, what are the chances that I will pass my drug test? I haven’t scheduled my test yet but I will most likely have to within 2 weeks or so.

      1. Hello Tom, 2 weeks can be enough to pass a drug test; however, after 2 weeks there is still a considerable likelihood that you will test negative. Roughly speaking 20-30 days should be enough.

      2. Hi I was smoking about a bowl pack a day for 4 months straight (don’t really know if that is chronic or regular). I’m 5’3 and weigh 156lbs. I’m a female. I workout 3-4 times a week I just started drinking like 2-3 liters of water a day. I stopped last Wednesday and I have a drug test this Thursday. So it would be like 2 weeks since I last smoked by the time I take my drug test. Will I pass my drug test. If not any suggestions on how to pass within the next 6 days. Thank you!

        1. Hello Rach, unfortunately, 2 weeks is not enough time for all of the THC to leave your system. With only 3-4 days left, the detox methods will probably not be enough. Alternatively, synthetic urine is something that might be useful here or, if you can, postponing the test would be great if possible.

    4. I am 256 pounds and I am a female and smoke 1/2 a joint October 12 2019, and have a drug test October 26. Will I pass it.

          1. That is very unusual. How did you determine it is still in your system? Using a home drug test would be a smart move but many users have reported problems with a ‘faint’ line on the test. Maybe testing again may provide a clearer picture.

    5. payton mcfeeley

      Hi. So I used to smoke heavily and I slowed it down. I only smoke maybe 3 blunts a week now. I have 5’1 and weigh 102 pounds. My metabolism is very fast, I’m very small lol. What all should I do to get rid of the weed in my system? And how long would it take?

      1. Hello Payton, it depends on how much THC is still trapped in your fat cells. Given the below-average total body fat mass you have, it can take about 40 days to be completely clean.

    6. I have a drug test in December 4th & I last smoked on November 3rd. I smoked about 4-5 blunts. I am a 5’6 female. I weigh 123 pounds. I had previously stopped smoking for 14 days prior to that. During the time that I was smoking before that I was smoking about 1 blunt a day. I also have been drinking a good amount of water & cranberry juice as well as running a mile & a half a day after taking 500mg niacin and will continue to do so until the day of the test. I have been around 2nd hand smoke but never inhaling the direct hit. Will i be able to pass my drug test?

      1. Hello Marissa, it really depends how much of THC is in your system from before the November 3rd. Given that it will be more than 30 days from your last sesh, you have good chances of passing. Keep up the cardio and niacin pills; both of these do make a difference.

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Given your small physique, the THC from your body should eliminate faster. However, given the amount (7-14 joints), there is a considerable chance of failing a standard urine drug test after 30 days without.

  1. I am 5’5 i have and weigh like 210 i have not smoked in 75 days but am afraid its still in my system how long would it take for it to come out

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello Jessica, thank you for the question. 75 days is a long time; it is extremely unlikely for your system to still have enough THC (and THC-COOH metabolite) to be detectable by standard urinary analysis. After the 45th day, almost everybody is clean. Just to soothe your worries, you can pick up a home drug test at your local pharmacy and test yourself just to be sure.

  2. I’m a male 5’8 150 roughly 7-9% body fat( I lift a lot so I’m assuming that’s where I’m at) and I take one hit from my vape every night before I go to sleep. Have a drug test in five days. Is it possible to pass if I sweat a bunch and drink a bunch of water?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Given the extremely low body fat, you have much better chances (THC is soluble in body fat where it can accumulate over time). It is possible to pass by doing a natural detox (sweating, dieting, water); however, do test yourself with a self-administered drug test (get one at your local pharmacy) to be sure you’re not positive. Chances are that there is enough THC accumulated in your body fat that 5 days won’t cut it.

      1. Hello Cassandra, with your body composition THC from a single joint can be detected in your urine for about 5 days (rough estimate).

  3. Nervousinphilly

    I quit having my nightly vape about 90 days ago however I went out one night about 10 days ago and took about four giant hits of some high quality stuff. I have a drug test in 2 weeks so that will put me at around 21 days. I am 5’6 and weigh 210 however I have been on a diet plan and losing weight (about 2lbs per week). Should I stop losing right before the test? Is that “releasing” the store up THC in my fat cells?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      You’re on exactly the right part; losing THC-rich fat to get as much of the THC out of your system. Also nice job for 2 lbs per week, that’s in itself an amazing achievement. You should be losing as much of weight/fat as possible and change the diet a day or two before a drug test.

      A day or two before a drug test, you should be enjoying a high-calorie diet (at least 4000 kcal, preferably carbs and fats). This will prompt your body into building fat again and as a result the THC that might still remain in your fat cells will stay there (won’t enter the bloodstream, kidneys and ultimately be found in your urine).

  4. I’m 6’2” 302lbs and took 1 hit from a “dab pen” it’s been 14 days and I have a drug test tomorrow will I pass?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Most probably you will. 1 hit from a dab pen is a very small acute dose; the THC has not been accumulating in your fat for a longer time period.

  5. I’ve been a daily smoker for about 5 months. I’m 5’3 and weight around 150 or less. Not super active though. I’ve stopped for just about three weeks now. I could possibly have a test in a week. Do you think I’ll be able to pass if I’m tested? I don’t want to use those drinks either, I’ve failed using one and wasn’t a daily smoker at the time.

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello Maddie, thank you for your question. Smoking for 5 months on a daily basis with a body mass index above 26 is a recipe for quite a long THC elimination process. During those 5 months, THC has been accumulating in your fat tissue and it is less than likely that all of it will leave your system in 4 weeks.

      Detox drinks do have a questionable effect; if you truly want to increase your chances of passing a urinary drug analysis substantially, you should look into our article about Complete THC Detox. It does, however, involve physical activity, specific dieting and a trio of detox pills, liquid and fiber.

      Based on all the info, you do have a slim chance of passing a drug test but, fortunately, if you have a week left you can do something to drastically increase the likelihood of passing a drug test. Good luck!

  6. How likely would a workplace drug test show positive if a 6’3” 300 pound male smokes half of a joint 10 days ago, but hasn’t smoked anything before or after and tested negative on a home test?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Extremely unlikely, if you used the home drug test with 20 ng/ml cut-off level. The home drug tests are extremely accurate; the lab usually uses 20 or 50 ng/ml cut-off level marijuana test strips. If you used a 50 ng/ml cut-off rate one, you might be still positive (in theory) if you are tested with 20 ng/ml cut-off rate test. However, if you’ve passed 20 ng/ml, you’re as safe as you can get.

      Theory aside, it’s extremely unlikely to fail a drug test if you’ve smoked only half a joint once 10 days ago. The negative result of your home drug test is a good confirmation of that. In short, you have nothing to worry about.

  7. I’m 19 years old, 6’5 and 190 lbs or so i wanna say I’m around 13% body fat, by the chart I guess I’m either a chronic or a heavy chronic smoker going through a quarter every 5 or 6 days plus a couple dabs everyday , but I’m pretty active and my metabolism is pretty fast, i dont have a set date for my drug test but I’m wondering how long it’ll take for my system to get clean

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Having a low body fat percentage and being active/having a fast metabolism are two major advantages. If you’re a chronic user, the THC has been accumulating in your body fat BUT you don’t have that much body fat (proportional to your total weight) in addition to a quicker elimination process. This means that the quantity of THC in your body fat is lower (than the average chronic user) and it will be flushed out of your body quicker.

      Chronic users are on average found THC positive 17-30 days (rough estimate) after the last use. Given your advantages, you should be looking at 17-20 days of elimination time. If you can increase your physical activity and do a proper THC detox diet you might even pass a standard urinary drug test in 15 days.

      1. I’m a female 250 lbs 5’5 and I stopped smoking for about a month and then last night I smoked a bowl. How long do you think it would take for it to get out of my system?

        1. Hello Victoria, the THC from prior smoking is the question here. If it’s all gone, you will pass a drug test within a week. If not, you should wait for about 3 weeks to be safe.

  8. Jiggly puff puff

    Hi. I’m 210 (overweightish) and 5″7 almost. I smoked 2 joints a week ago and one very small roach 6 days ago. Would you say I’m clean for a urine test?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello there, 2 joints and 1 roach is a fairly measurable amount of THC. Given your BMI (body mass index) is above 32, your body has an above-average capacity to hold on to the THC and the elimination process is accordingly slower. It is hard to say you’re clean for a urine test with a high degree of certainty; depending on the speed of your metabolism, it is quite possible that you would have a harder time passing a drug test, given the time frame.

      1. I’m 5’2″ weigh 245-250 I was just a weekend smoker like 3 to 4 hits, but haven’t done anything for like 3 weeks will I be okay

        1. Hello Jessica, your situation is quite ok. 3 weeks is usually more than enough to eliminate a ‘weekend’ amount of THC, especially if you’re not doing it during the week and the THC is being flushed out during the week (not being accumulated). You should check with home drug test if you test positive for confirmation.

  9. Woah wait what

    Male, 5’7” 196lbs.

    I haven’t smoked in years, then last Saturday (9 days ago)I shared two joints with a group of friends (3 total) and a then took maybe two puffs of one on that next Monday(7days ago).

    I have been drinking only water2-3 liters a day.
    I do walk/run but haven’t In the last few days as I’ve read that will increase THC in my system.

    I have to take a urine test some time this week. Maybe tomorrow or up till Friday.

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Thank you for the question. 1/3 of 2 joints is not a lot of THC; you have very little to worry about.

      Drinking water and physical activity is a good way to flush the THC out of your system. However, make sure you increase the calorie intake dramatically a day or two before a drug test. This should slow down the release of any THC leftover in your fat tissue.

  10. Hey there. I have a drug test coming up on 08/09, I haven’t smoke since around 06/06. I’m 6’0 even and around 230-235 lbs. Will I be good for the test, or should I keep worrying? I’m also pretty active because of the field of work I’m in, however, I do eat terribly because of the time of night I get off.

    1. ScienceWeedly

      The bad news is that, being a heavy smoker, you could fail a drug test despite a month of abstinence (THC has accumulated in your fat tissue over time).
      The good news is that you can do something about it because you have about 3 weeks of time left before the drug test. Here’s what you do:

      1. Buy some home drug tests (get a pack of 5 or 10, should cost about $10-$20 at your local pharmacy).
      2. Test yourself. If negative, you should pass any standard urinary drug analysis. If positive, proceed to step 3.
      3. Start detoxing. Check out the section ‘3rd Way: Complete Detox Formula’ in the article about THC detox here. The complete detox should include dieting, physical activity and pre-rid detox pills.
      4. Test yourself every few days. If negative, you are clean and shouldn’t worry about it. If positive, keep up the detox.

      With your body constitution and being a ‘super heavy smoker’ it might take a while for all of the THC to leave your body. However, if you dedicate yourself to dieting, physical activity and fasten the elimination process via pre-rid pills, you will drastically increase your chances of passing.

      Just make sure to confirm if and when you’re negative with home drug tests.

  11. Hello there … is it (47-50 ) days enough to eliminate the urine from THC ?!
    Age 27
    Hight 5.8
    Weight 165
    I drink too much water … i go to the gym 4 days a week
    But unfortunately the last six months i was a heavy smoker but not every days just on some periods

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello Dony, 47-50 days is usually more than enough to eliminate all the THC out of your system. Only heavy smokers need to be careful; your body constitution and physical activity are two major advantages when it comes to passing a drug test. Continue with the 4 times per week gym sessions, plenty of water, check yourself with a home drug test and be sure to consume a high-calorie diet a day or two before a test.

      1. Thanks a lot … what a relief you just gave me .. but I have some questions !!!
        Why do I need to consume a high calorie dite a day or two before the drug test … and which test you mean ?! The home test or the job test

        And finally is the home drug test accurate or not ?!

        1. ScienceWeedly

          Not a problem, we are aware of how hard it is to find accurate information about drug testing and drug elimination.

          Employers in more than 90% of cases use standard urine drug screening with 20 ng/ml or 50 ng/ml cut-off for THC-COOH concentration. These are the same ones you can get in any pharmacy; if you pass a home urine drug test, you can be almost certain you’ll pass the one given to you by your employer.

          Here’s why the high-calorie diet before the test is useful: if there is THC left in your body, it will be in your fat cells. When you consume a low-calorie diet, you burn fat and the remaining THC is slowly released in your bloodstream and can be detected in the urine.

          However, if you switch to a high-calorie diet before a test (and you should), you won’t burn fat, the remaining THC will not be so readily released into your bloodstream and the likelihood of THC being detected in your urine will decrease dramatically.

          1. Hi, I’m a 275lbs make at 5’11” and I consumed approximately 1.5 joints of some good weed about a week ago. I haven’t consumed weed for 10 months prior. I’m now looking for a better job, which I’m sure the company that will offer me one, will conduct a urine test.

            To my point, do believe that I would be clean by now. I don’t exercise and my present job is not very physical. I work and come home tired and sit in front of my TV.

            Please let me know.

          2. Hello Zmon, given your body constitution and the level of physical activity, it roughly takes 10-15 days for a 1.5 joint to be flushed out). After 2 weeks, you don’t have much to worry about.

  12. Hi there … we really appreciate your work with us … but i have a question ?!!
    I did the drug home test after 44 days exactly and showed me a negative result … but the line wasn’t very clear .. maybe 65 % of it was clear

    The question is can i take on it as negative result or not !?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Glad you’ve tested negative. Some of the cheaper home drug tests are hard to read; I don’t fully understand what you meant by ‘maybe 65% of it was clear’. It should be pretty clear if it’s positive or negative.

    2. Hi i might have a drug test in 35 days. I am 5’1 and 110 pounds and have been smoking weed almost everyday for the past year. How long will it take to leaves my system and what is the best way to eliminate the THC? I am planning to work out everyday starting today and drink loads of water. Pls provide a link to what I should do!!

      1. Hello Ina, the low BMI is great but being a chronic smoker will prolong THC elimination. It should take about 35-40 days; this is a rough estimate, it’s really hard to predict this in chronic smokers. You should check out our article about THC detox; basically, detox pills, physical activity and drinking a lot of water is the way to go.

        1. Hi this is Ina again.
          I have been a heavy smoker for a year but slowed down my use, not as heavy as before. I stopped on October 27, 2019 but I took 4 hits of a blunt on November 16, 2019. That is around 3 weeks abstinence before hitting those 4 hits. I have the test around Mid January. IM still around 110 pounds at 5’1. Do you think if I internment fast in the morning and do cardio for a hour everyday, drink cranberry juice, have low calorie diet, and drink loads of water, I will be okay by Mid January? Pls help

          1. Hello Ina, if you have a drug test around mid-January, you will be fine. Cardio and water/cranberry juice does help but you’ll be clean way before mid-January anyway. Do check with at home drug test at the end of December. It will give you a peace of mind if you test negative.

  13. I’m 5’11 and weigh 140 pounds I’m very active and smoke heavy… all the time how long should it take to get out of my system

    1. ScienceWeedly

      The THC elimination time has a lot to do with your fat body percentage and total fat weight. You have a BMI of 19.5 which is great; the THC will go out of your body faster than from an average body.

      Presuming you’re a male with a high level of physical activity, and a heavy smoker, you’re looking at 25-32 days. But as always, this is just a rough estimate; the smartest way to check if you’re really clean is a home drug test.

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello Chris, thank you for the question.

      There is only a small pool of documented test subjects that have tested positive for THC 60 days after their last joint. However, the THC has been accumulating in your fat tissue for some years and the 3-4 joints/day is a large quantity inhalation of THC on a daily basis.

      You should probably check our article about the Best THC Detox Practices; dieting, physical activity, and Toxin Rid detox while testing yourself several times and eating up day or two before a drug test is the best advice to flush the THC out of your system.

  14. 5’6/ 375 lb male. Was taking thc pills (25 mgs) and took for maybe 4 months, 1 a day. Quit on 6/6/19. 3 home test negatives and I drank mega clean. Tested in lab on 7/19/19 (43 days). Thoughts on passing?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello Rick, thank you for the question. I would be concerned that due to high BMI, your body would store THC for longer. However, the 3 negative home drug tests speak for themselves; especially if you used the ones with 20 ng/ml cut off rate.
      All in all, you have very very little to worry about. The drug test you took on 7/19/19 has an extremely high probability of being negative.

    1. ScienceWeedly

      You don’t have to worry too much. 4 puffs don’t contain a significant amount of THC, your BMI is very low and 18 days should be enough for all the THC to leave your body.

  15. I ate two edible cookies two weeks ago and potentially have a drug text in two weeks. I am 5’2”, female, 210 pounds. I recently cut carbs from my diet and drink about 65-80 oz of water a day. Will I pass?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello Nila, considering those cookies can contain significant amounts of THC and your high BMI, it will take a while for all the THC to leave your body. You’re on the right track, however, drinking water and cutting carbs. Check out the Complete THC Detox Guide for the full info on the detox.

      All in all, 4 weeks is quite a long time and you have good chances of passing the drug test.

  16. i am a female who is 5’7 weighing 178 lb ive had about five to six puffs two weeks and three days ago i have a drug test at work on the 25th of July which is this Thursday what are the possibility of testing negative i am so worried

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Your chances of passing the test are quite good, actually. Just make sure to switch to a high-calorie diet a day or two before the test. Best of luck!

  17. 5’9 195lb female- not active enough to say so and I tend to eat my feelings, of which there are MANY lol.

    I was definitely a heavy smoker for most of the past couple of years. This April I had quit for a drug test in May and failed it as I was only 15 days out, I didn’t smoke again until late May and even then it was significantly less than what I had been used to (I would literally hit my vape pen all day everyday).. From May to mid June I smoked about a bowl a day, maybe split a blunt or two on the weekends between a few heads. Mid June until the first week of July I smoked nothing daily but did take a few hits on the weekends, but since July 5th nothing. My drug test is coming up, not exactly sure when but I’m counting on somewhere around August 12.
    I’m worried but think it’s likely I’ll pass, opinions?

    1. Hello Maggie, thank you for sharing your story. For heavy smokers, 15 days of abstinence is clearly not enough to pass a drug test (the failed drug test can attest to that). You have better chances now because of the lowered amount of THC inhaled, THC stores accumulated in your fat tissue are currently being depleted and you have more than 30 days between your last hit and a drug test.

      Considering all the factors, you do have about 50% chances of passing a drug test. That’s still very risky, though. You should dedicate yourself to a complete THC detox (long term solution) or even think about synthetic urine (short term solution). Given that you still have more than 2 weeks, it would be smart to check the THC detox guide here and start with the detox as soon as possible to dramatically increase your chances of passing a drug test on August 12.

  18. Hi, I’m a 6’ male who weights 230 lbs. I last smoked 28 days ago. I would usually take a hit or two 3-4 times a week for a couple of months. Will I test positive?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Most probably not. You should pick up a home drug test from your local pharmacy and test yourself to be sure but it’s very unlikely you’ll test positive. If you do, a bit of detoxing will go a long way.

  19. I am a weekend smoker, 1 hit/night on a bubbler 1-2 nights/week for about 6 months now.
    Hubby brought home a THC pen last night and I took two puffs of it.
    Today we find out the company I work for is being sold and new company will require Urine tests within the next 2 weeks.
    I am 5’7″ and 250 lbs.
    What should I do to clean out this minimal amount optimally?

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello Jessica, thank you for your question. With such a minimal THC intake, you don’t have to worry about much, especially if you have 2 full weeks between the last inhalation and the drug test.

      You should do a typical natural THC detox (without pre-rid pills, or detox drinks). Those consist of physical activity (cardio is the best), drinking water and a low-calorie diet up until two days before the test; then you switch to a high-calorie diet. Hope this helps.

  20. Hi there … i did the druge home test after 44 days from the last joint and gave a ( faint line ) …

    Should I consider it as a negative or a positive result ?!

    175 lbs

    1. ScienceWeedly

      Hello Khaled, the home drug tests are quite accurate. They are either positive or negative; maybe re-do the test, follow the instructions and try to be as unbiased as possible when reading the lines. It should either be there, or it should not be there. But I do know that cheap drug test can be a bit “iffy”.

  21. 5’4 and 111 lbs. Started smoking from July 4 and stopped on July 12. Haven’t smoked since then. Smoked Oil cartridge daily probably one or two times a day. I just do quick puffs just to get myself going. I drink lots of water and tea and exercise a little like walking once awhile(need to be more active though). Might take a drug test this week (Aug 1 -3), do I have a chance?

    1. You do. 3 weeks is enough time for THC to be completely eliminated out of your system if you are a light smoker. A day before taking the test, make sure to enjoy a high-calorie diet; will help you a bit on the test.

  22. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

    Im a 28 year old male serving in the military.

    I just found out today i have a drug test but dont know the exact time when i need to take it.

    I only smoke on the weeknds (thursday-saturday) and easily go through 5grams during that weekend. Ive been smoking like this for the past year (just thurs-sund about 5grams in total)

    Im 28, male, 5’9, and weigh about 200lbs.

    What can i do to better my chances of passing?

    I have a friend who offered to give me his clean urine.

    Please helpppp

    1. Hello Shawn, thank you for your question. Smoking that quantity for a year will result in a prolonged elimination period; you’re right to find ways how to speed up the process. You should check out our article about quicker THC elimination methods and follow the instructions in order to have the best chance of passing the test.

  23. I’m male, 218lbs, smoke often at least 3-5 a week and on on special occasions some wax.
    How long would it take for the THC to leave my system? I have a drug test in 4months what do y’all think?

    1. Hello Matthew, 4 months is certainly enough time for all of the THC to leave your system. Just stay away from everything with THC in it and you should be fine.

      Considering your body measurements and smoking routine, you will, in the worst-case scenario, likely be positive for THC up to 1 month after your last joint.

    1. Quite long, unfortunately. If you combine high BMI and daily use of THC, you’re could test positive even 40 days after the last bowl. To be safe, you shouldn’t be using any THC products for at least 60 days; that is without a THC detox, of course. With the right detox, you can cut that time considerably.

  24. Hi there,

    Three weeks ago, I shared like 5 joints with my 4 other friends. Three days ago, I did the same. Smoked around 5 joints together with my 4 other friends.

    My test is in 40 days, is that enough time?
    Male, 5.11, 200 pounds, with around 14% bodyfat.

    1. Hello Kevin, 40 days is enough time. There were documented cases of people failing a drug test 10 days after a single joint; however, 40 days is more than enough time for the THC to leave your body.

      1. Hi, I have a drugtest tomorrow. I’m 5’5 and 116 lbs. I smoke 1 to 2 grams of weed every month and I’ve been clean for 40 days. Been drinking tea and 12 glasses of water everyday, and I’m a pescatarian. I also did yoga for 3 weeks straight and I mostly move a lot everyday. Will my drugtest tomorrow be positive or not? pls pray for me.

        1. Hello JC, consuming a lot of fluids is useful; however, the biggest advantage you have is being abstinent for 40 days. With your body constitution, you have an extremely high likelihood of passing the test.

  25. Hello, I’m a female 5’3 200 pounds. I vaped daily for almost all of June has nothing in July and then last week had 4-5 puffs daily for three days. I have a physical and screening coming up for a test in a week (10 days from the recent vaping) how bad are my chances of passing should they do a urinalysis?

    1. Hello Kay Dub, the June vapes are not something to be concerned about; the 4-5 daily puffs are the real problem here. You have a decent chance of passing; however, when it comes to the drug testing and everything that is at stake you really want to be at least 90% certain you’ll pass. You should start detoxing in order to increase your chances of passing a drug test – drinking water and physical activity are great, you can read more about how to do a THC detox for a drug test here.

  26. Hi there, I’m a female 5’7 and about 260 pounds. I used to be an occasional smoker; I’d maybe have a joint every two weeks or so. It’s been about three months now since I’ve smoked. Should I be worried about failing a drug test?

  27. I am 6’5” 199lbs Last time I smoked a blunt was 1 1/2 months ago but I have hit a wax pen 4 times like 3 weeks ago do you think I would pass my urine test tomorrow?

  28. I am 6ft and 340 pounds. I take a drug test tomorrow. 45 days ago I smoked 2 joints and 38 days ago I hit the dab pen maybe 5 times. How likely are my chances of passing?? I drink a couple of bottles of water a day and sweat a lot at work but don’t do a lot of physical activity.

    1. Hello Bethany. For everybody who is not a chronic user, being abstinent for 45 days should be enough; hence the likelihood of you passing the test are quite high. When you get your result back, you’re most welcome to share it here so we all can have some confirmation of your negative result.

  29. Hi there, I’m an 180 pound female that is 5’2 with an 33 percent bmi. I took 3 hits off of a dab pen on the third of this month and was clean prior. I drink about two liters of water a day, and work in an extremely hot/ sweaty environment 3 days a week (I also have hyperhydrosa). How long do you think it would take me to get clean? I will probably have to take a 20 ng drug screen soon for a new job

    1. Hello Jessica, if you’re a one-time user, there are high chances that you would already test negative on a 20 ng drug screen. Sweating is good but it eliminates less than 10% of THC in your body (feces elimination, for comparison, constitutes about 60% of THC elimination).

      In any case, you’re probably clean already and the chances of passing a drug test are increasing every day.

  30. Hey guys! So I was a chronic smoker, literally every day about a gram a day for 1.5 years. I am 5’6 and weigh 240 pounds (I gained since last time I smoked), I haven’t smoked in 117 days.. and my drug test is tomorrow. My anxiety is kicking my a**, do you think I will be okay? I’ve used at home test (cheap dollar ones) and a visible faint line appears, which on the box indicates that I am negative for it since they say the intensity of the line does not matter, a line is a line. I would greatly appreciate your opinion!

    1. Hello Tymber, you have nothing to worry about. Nobody tests positive on a urinary drug test 117 days after their last joint. Those cheap drug tests are a bit tricky to read, I agree, but you can be certain you’ll pass your drug test. You’re more than welcome to share your test results here when you get them.

  31. 22 days ago I smoked 3 blunts =(1 gram of kush)with one friend, I’m female, 5’2 and approx 135 pounds, the first week I ate one meal a day sweated outside for 2 days the 2nd week this week I’ve been snacking pretty much all day and I only drink water just a couple of sips of pop here and there, drug test is tommorow, do i have a decent chance of passing?

    1. Hello Lyn, you do have a decent chance of passing. It was a one-time 1 gram of kush 3 weeks ago; you can’t be 100% you’ll pass but you do have a very high likelihood of passing. Best of luck!

  32. Hi,

    I’m 6’6 and 235lbs. Im not fat but don’t work out.
    I smoke a one hitter roughly twice a day (max 5 on weekends). My hitter is less wide than a standard pen and half a thumb nail deep (very precise, I know). Been smoking regularly for 9 months now. How long do you think til I’m clean. I’m also buying an in home test if you have recommendations. Thank You

    1. Hello Alex, given the chronic use for 9 months it can take anything from 30 to 60 days for you to start testing negative on a urinary drug test. Getting some home drug test is smart because it’s really the only way to check if you’re negative after 30, 40, 50 or 60 days.

      The reoccurring problem everybody seems to have with the home drug tests is the ‘faint’ line (you can’t really tell if you’re positive or negative from that). Most of the home drugs from your local pharmacy shouldn’t have this problem and some online vendor’s tests such as the ITG Labs test certainly don’t. Nonetheless, when reading the test, it’s very important that you’re objective. Some of the ‘faint’ line results are a result of, for a lack of a better scientific expression, wishful thinking.

  33. I’m a 38 year old male that is 5″10, roughly 150 lbs with a 21% BMI, also I’m in peak physical condition. I shared 1 joint with 4 friends 5 days ago. I am a casual smoker (at least a joint per week) and only smoke with friends… how long would i need to pass a drug screen?

    1. Given your peak physical condition and 1 joint/week regimen, I would say about a week, 10-14 days to be sure.

  34. Hey me and my wife share a joint about 2 per day so I guess 1 per day would be my average. I weight about 150 pounds and measure 5’7. I’m pretty active as my job have me moving around a lot. I run about 2 miles a day when I get home from work. I have a drug test in a few days and I’ve quit smoking for about 5days now. Wondering if I should do a detox of some sort to help speed to process up

    1. Hello Anthony, 1 joint/day can amount to quite a lot of THC over a long period of time. I would say you would need at least 2-3 weeks to have a chance at passing a standard drug test, despite the above-average physical activity. You should definitely look into THC detox to help speed up the elimination process.

  35. Hello, I am. 6’ 2”, 225lb man.

    I smoked a joint 5 days ago for the first time in over 3 months, and have a test tomorrow.

    Is there a greater chance of me passing or failing the exam.

    1. Hello Joshua, this is quite a 50/50 situation. You’re welcome to share your result when you get it. Best of luck.

  36. 33 male 5’10 190 lb. smoke on average 2 to 6 puffs a day. been about 5 days since last puff. How long would you expect I pass drug screen?

    1. Hello Jon, if you’re a chronic smoker, inhaling 2-6 puffs/day for a long period of time, it can take up to 3 weeks.

  37. 42 year old female. Used to be a daily smoker but gave up for a year. Recently got a vape pen – took 4-5 hits off it last Saturday and had to do surprise urine test today (Friday) I weigh 135, 5 ft 7.5 inches tall, about 20% body fat, juice daily, pretty active. What are my chances of passing the urine test today?

    1. Hello Kerry, given you only did 4-5 vape pen hits, you actually have decent chances of passing the urine test (despite only a 5-day window).

      1. Hi, I’m 5’2 120 pound female. I’m a heavy user (3-5 joints daily) I’ve smoked everyday for about the last 20 years but the past month I’ve slacked off to maybe 1-2 a day and haven’t smoked anything at all in 10 days. I’m not very active so i dont sweat a lot and I drink lots of soda daily but been drinking at least 1-2 bottles of water a day since I quit smoking. How long do you think it will take to be clean do to having smoked everyday for that many years (20) and lack of water and sweating?

  38. I am a 17 year old male, I’ve been hitting my wax pen roughly every night (sometimes during the day) for around 2-3 months straight, so I consider myself somewhat heavy smoker rn. I usually go to the gym, work out at home, and I work at a car wash so I’m always running around, being active, sweating, and I try to drink right around a gallon of water a day. My bmi is around 15 but not accurate due to the fact that I lift so it’s not for sure fat or muscle (I have abs and decent muscle toneage) I am about 5’9″ and weigh about 150-155. I would like to know how long it would take to be safe for a drug test for thc?

    1. Hello Anthony, you have a big advantage with such as low BMI and low body fat percentage. Chronic male smokers are looking at around 40 or so days in order for all of the THC to leave the body. With your body composition, you have a chance to be THC test ready in 30 or so days. But this is just a rough estimate; estimates are the hardest for chronic users. Do pick up some home drug tests at your local pharmacy and test yourself after 30 days to see if you’re clean.

  39. I’m 5’11” 250+ lbs and high BMI. I smoked daily for about two months but stopped 40 days ago. I need to schedule and pass a urine test sometime in the next week or two. After how many days should I be likely to pass?

    1. Hello Tony, you are probably already capable of passing a urine drug test. 40 days is quite a long time; a home drug test should clear things up. In any case, you have a high probability of passing now and that probability is increasing every day.

  40. Hello,
    Im 110 pounds, 5″5 and im a female. I smoke 1-2 times a day. I have a drug test coming up in 3 1/2 weeks from now. If I remain absent from smoking, include a healthy diet, and exercise is there a way I could get rid of the THC-COOH in my system?

    1. Hello there, 3 1/2 weeks for a chronic female smoker is cutting it quite close. Healthy diet and exercise can help a bit (this can eliminate THC 10-20% faster). However, if you want to be sure you’ll pass a urinary drug test, you should really look into some THC detox kits. Always be sure to check if you’re positive or negative with a home drug test.

  41. Male, 5’8″, 330 Pounds, quit 12 days ago, and the home test is still positive. Smoked every Friday and Saturday night, about 10-20 hits off of the vape each night.

    1. Hello Jared, with the high BMI it can take a while longer. Given your body constitution and the frequency of use, I would expect for the drug test to come back negative roughly 3 weeks after the last vape. Keep us updated; your example might help others with a similar habit and body constitution.

  42. I’m 4’11 female and 100 pounds, I hit a dab pen 3 weeks ago and drug tested today, should I pass? I drink alotttt of milk (like a lot I crave it lol) and milk is part water so I’m thinking I’ll pass but I have my doubts bc well, I’ll face jail time if I fail.

    1. Hello Meg, you have nothing to worry about. No drug test can measure a single hit from a dab pen 3 weeks ago. I wish you all the best.

    2. Hi, female 5’2 and 90 pounds, smoked half a joint or almost a full joint about a week ago for the first time in a month and I have a drug test in five days. I know I should be good but I need to have absolutely no trace of THC because the test is extremely sensitive I’m told. Is that enough time for it to leave my system along with a lot of water? Thank you for your help.

      1. Hello Jessica, extremely sensitive usually refers to the 20 ng/ml cut-off urinary drug test. That one can detect as single joint a week after it has been smoked; however, the likelihood of that happening is small (roughly speaking below 10%). Make sure to consume a high-calorie diet a day before the test and on the day of the test, it might be the difference between a positive and negative result.

  43. I’m 5’1 140 pounds and smoked the maximum of 2 joints over Wednesday Thursday last week. I have never smoked it before and then got drugs tested on the monday. I had drank a ton of water previous to the test so the sample was pretty clear. Is there any chance it could come back negative?

    1. Hello Michelle, unfortunately, the chances of coming back positive are higher. However, there is a small hope that it will turn out negative. I hope all goes according to your plans; you can inform us here how it went.

  44. I’m 6 feet 173 pounds. I did a total body cleanse in December 2018 for 1 full month and passed a urinalysis. I smoked about 2-4 grams per week. Since February 2019 I smoke about 2 grams per week. I’m very active, walk 3-5 miles per day for conditioning, surf 3-5 times per month, play tennis a few times a month and I’m a very healthy eater with a low fat, low carb, high protein diet. I don’t consume a lot of sugars except what’s in Gatorade. I mainly drink sugarless green or black tea, coffee, and about 40 ounces of water daily. I’m very disciplined with my diet and fitness. I have been offered a new job. Once I began the interview process I abstained from smoking completely and it’s been 18 days since I last consumed. I got the job! The date of my scheduled urinalysis will give me 23 days without consuming any thc at all. I’m on a hard core work out regimen and for the last 2 weeks am averaging 7-10 miles of walking per day on top of other activities that include tennis, surfing and 3 2-mile runs. My diet is exceptional, protein rich and low in carbs and sugars. I’m also taking a 7 day super cleanse and a scoop of psyllium fiber every night with 2-3 regular bowel movements per day. Should I be concerned?

    1. Hello Chris, congratulations on getting the job. The outstanding physical activity and higher water consumption are fantastic; sadly, it will only increase the elimination of THC by about 20%. Being completely clean 23 days after consuming THC is optimistic; with everything you’re doing, I think you do have at least a 50% chance of passing. I know your diet might suffer but consider consuming 4000+ kcal a day before the test and on the day of the test. If you burn fat during that period, the THC that might remain within that fat might be released into your bloodstream. If you build fat during that time, THC will remain in the fat tissue.

  45. Hi im usually a heavy smoker but i stopped for about a week then took 2 puffs last night to deal with NAUSEA. Im 5‘7 bout 180 pounds. If i drink roughly 2 gallons a day of water plus drink a detox, how long til im clean

  46. 6’0″ 125 lb, pretty fast metabolism (apparently). Smoked a few bowls daily for years. Some concentrates here and there. Tested positive from home tests days 35 and 40. Both times I took the test dehydrated. I’m on day 52 now, havent taken a test since say 40. I will have to take a lab test soon that will destroy my life and many years of hard work if I fail.

    Will be 60+ days at the time I take the test. I hear stories about people taking 3+ months and that terrifies me. Not sure if I should decline the job just to play it safe but at the same time this is my dream job. Thank you.

    1. Hello Cody, thank you for sharing your concerns. It is not out of the realm of possibility for a heavy chronic user to test positive 40 days after the last use. In your case, I would try the home drug test again; 52 days is quite a long time and you should be starting to test negative anytime now (maybe you already do). There are few documented cases of chronic users testing positive even after 2 months; however, we have yet to study a subject that would be THC positive for more than 90 days. Hope this helps.

  47. Hi
    I’m about 135 and 5 4 y’all I haven’t smoked in 22 days how many more days would it take for me to pass! I have bought test but I haven’t passed yet. I only have a week left before I’m do for my test! I was a daily smoker!

    1. Hello Becca, it is normal for a daily smoker with your body composition to test positive after 22 days. If you have a week left, it would be smart if you went into a THC detox mode with drinking plenty of water, doing cardio and even use some THC pre-rid pills in order to increase your chances of passing the test.

  48. Hi-
    Daily smoker for years. 3-4 puffs per night from a one-hitter. Haven’t smoked for 10 days, and just started a 3 day toxin rid program. It’s likely that I have a test next week. 5’9” 170lbs. Don’t eat great, but am fairly active. Any thoughts on what else I need to do to be clear on the possible test day?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hello Josh, starting a thorough THC detox with Toxin Rid is pretty much the smartest choice you can make. Being a chronic user and having only about 15 days of abstinence is tough; you do need all the help you can get. Along with Toxin Rid which does the majority of hard work by eliminating THC via feces, you should also increase elimination via urine, sweat. That means cardio and plenty of water, coupled with a low-calorie diet.

      Just remember: a day before the test, switch from a low-calorie diet to a high-calorie diet to stop THC stored in your fat tissue from entering the bloodstream and showing in your urine. I wish you all the best.

        1. If you’ve passed 3 home test, you have almost nothing to worry about. Just be sure to enjoy a high-calorie diet the day before the test and on the day of the test and you will be fine.

  49. I’m 4’11” and weight about 90 lbs, I smoked a total of ~2 bowls throughout last week. I have a lab test on Thursday…is four days enough time for the THC metabolites to have left my body since I’m relatively small?

    1. In acute use, the speed of the metabolism counts is a key factor. In chronic use, the size of your body (more specifically, the amount and percentage of total body fat) is a key factor.

      It is possible to pass a drug test in 4-7 days in your case. Drinking plenty of water, physical activity and enjoying a high-calorie diet the day before a drug test and on the drug test day are the best recommendations in your case.

  50. Hello there,

    First off thank you for all of these helpful answers to comments I have been reading. Hopefully you can help me out here:

    I am a 6’0″ Male approximately 240lbs (a bit on the overweight side) with relatively low activity (desk job) aside from walking at night when I get a chance.

    I have a test coming up on September 10th (9/10/19).
    I was a regular smoker (nightly) for about a year. For a few months I was using THC Cartridges nightly (approximately 2-4 puffs a night) then I quit using those about 6/1/19 and finished what little weed I had left (and eight or less) over the course of a month until 7/1/19.

    I quit smoking on 7/1/19 and it has been about 59 days since my last time smoking.

    I took an Equate THC Drug Test (similar to First Check), but it was incredibly hard to tell if it was positive or negative. The “C” line was a visible red line, but the “T” line was a VERY faint red line. In the instructions it said a faint line was technically a pass, but I am still worried. The Equate test was down to 50ng.

    The test will be through the DOT Drug Screen 6 panel. From what I could find, they do a 50ng test first then a confirmation 15ng test if the 50ng comes up positive.

    Thanks in advance hopefully you get a chance to answer!

    1. Hello Buster, thank you for all the useful info. I have some good news; it’s almost impossible to be THC positive after 59 days of abstinence. There have been a few documented cases of heavy chronic users who have tested positive after 60+ days of abstinence. You have almost nothing to worry about.

  51. Michaela Sanborn

    Hi!!! I weigh 125 sometimes a little less, my height is 5’6 and I smoke a weedpen everyday. I run and walk a lot but not sure if that is enough. I have a drug test coming up in 5 days . Was wondering what you suggest please this is urgent

    1. Hello Michaela, how long have you been abstinent? For a chronic smoker, 5 days is not nearly enough, unfortunately. There is little physical activity can do here, even a THC detox might be out of the question. When pressed in such a situation, some people use synthetic urine to pass. If you’ve been abstinent for about 30 days, you do have a fair chance at passing the test.

  52. Hi
    I have been taking 3 puffs of indica every night for over 3 years to sleep . I am 54 5ft 8 185 been off for 60 days. I bought 20 home test strips and they all started to came back clean after 30 days. I took a DOT test 3 days ago no results yet should I be worried?

    1. Hello Ken, not at all. Using home test strips was smart, given your body constitution and use it would take roughly 30 days for the THC to be completely removed from your body. You have absolutely nothing to worry about; the test results can take more than a week sometimes as well.

  53. I smoked 2 blunts ( 1 gram each) 23 days before urine test. Took at home drug test on day 21 and the result was negative. Before all of this I hadn’t smoked in about 80 days. Do you think I passed my pre employment UA. I’m 5’5 270 pounds, not active.

    1. Hello Brandy, if the home test was negative you will almost certainly pass a drug test. 2 blunts have more than likely left your system after 23 days, you really have very little to worry about.

  54. I am female 5’5 270 pounds, not active. I smoked 2 blunts ( 1 gram each) 23 days before my employment urine test. I took an at home First Check drug screen on day 21 and the result was negative. Do you think I passed my lab drug screen on day 23?

  55. Hi everyone.. would like opinion on pre employment DT

    Im worried to take mine. I’m 5’3 110 lbs female , and had been a regular smoker.. abt 3-4 hits of kush almost everyday for the past may – july. Roughly 1grm / week. I have little to no physical exercise but fast metabolism.

    I had stopped august 2 and been clean for 30 days.

    Is there a chance i will still test positive?

    1. Hello Fiona, during the summer months, the ingested THC has likely been stored in your tissue and it does take a while to flush it out. However, you don’t have that much fat tissue (110 lbs) which is a big advantage. It is possible you’re already THC negative; a simple home test might confirm that. If you still have time prior to the test, do check out our THC detox article and consider increasing your water intake and physical activity to further ensure you’ll pass the test.

  56. HI – I am 6’6’m and 205 pounds, exercise semi-regularly, fast metabolism, and for the past year smoked a small joint < 0.3-0.4 grams every night or every other night. I have taken a few 1-2 week breaks throughout the year, though. I stopped smoking for two weeks and had a drug test yesterday. I was worried about whether I would pass so I drank a enough water beforehand so I produced a semi-diluted sample. I took 3 at home drug test (50 ng/ml) and passed all three, taken few hours after the lab test, the following morning (first pee), and later that day. Can I trust the results of the at home drug test? – they were the cheap first choice ones.. I've read in some scientific papers the actual elimination time can be much shorter than 3 weeks – typically 10 days for regular users at the 50 ng/ml and up to 21 days at the 20 ng/ml level. Two weeks seems short but the at home test give me some comfort

    1. Hello Jackson, 2 weeks may be enough, especially if you’ve taken steps to dilute your urine. Even the cheap home drug tests can be relied on; if you’ve passed those ones, you have a high likelihood of passing the real one. The problem that could arise is that the drug test will find the urine too diluted; the specific density would be below acceptable and they would ask you to redo the test.

      1. ok, thanks for the reassurance. The lab has a week turn around before I get results (its been 5 days already). If they say i’m dilute then it would have bought me another week so that would be a plus in my books. The pee I provided was only slightly dilute – still had some color and could pass as a very hydrated person. Anyways, I passed the home test with dilute and first stream of the day pee so I think I should be good – the week turn around has given me way too much time to think about this… 😛 I find out tomorrow or the day after so ill update my post with results.

        1. I agree with the extra week being a bonus. Thank you for pointing out that most of the labs do need about a week or even more to get the results; some people do get worried when the lab results are not as prompt as they should be and start to think they’ve tested positive. Thank you for updating us all; looking forward to the results.

          1. Got the job – I didnt actually find out the results of the drug test but I assume I passed. No news is good news in these situations

  57. 38 year old female, about 135lb.
    I smoke a couple bowls maybe 6-8 times a day.
    I’m pretty active, run 12-15 miles a week and yoga 3-5 days a week.
    Quit for 3 days last week then slipped pretty heavily over the weekend. Potential for a test in about a week or so. Is there any chance I could pass? Pushing fluids like crazy.

  58. If I vaped daily for 10 days like 3 puffs a day + ate only 3 edibles throughout the 10 days and was clean before so it’s just those 10 days. After those 10 days I have been not smoking or eating for 15 days. Can I pass an extremely sensitive test? My BMI is very low (below 20) and i’m short

    1. You have a good chance of passing a 50 ng/ml test; however, the likelihood of passing the test does decrease with increasing test sensitivity. It is entirely possible that you will pass but it doesn’t disqualify the option of not passing.

  59. I smoke everyday I’m 5’7 and weigh like 160. Male and are these results from just not smoking or does this include a light detox? Been drinking water and apple cider vinegar

    1. The results are rough estimates without any significant measures, such as a light detox, taken. Drinking a lot of water can decrease the time by about 10%. The use of vinegar, as it currently stands, is a myth – there is no available scientific paper that would connect the use of vinegar (or lowering urine pH) to solubility or elimination of THC or it’s main metabolite THC-COOH.

  60. Male, 5’9″ about 200lbs. Slightly overweight for my height but with above average metabolism, not much body fat, not a terribly healthy diet. Fairly active due to work and household chores.

    1 time smoking of an average-sized joint about 11.5-12 days ago from the time I was made to provide the sample. Had less than less than a day to drink water and flush. Please ease my worries. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Hello Clifford, a single joint can be detected in urine for about 5 days, 7 days tops. If I understand this correctly and you did the drug test 12 days after the joint, you have absolutely nothing to worry about – that joint is long gone from your body.

  61. Hey there, Im 22, 5’7, used to weigh 275, I lost more than 50 pounds in 3 months with daily training and dieting, I used to smoke hash for 3 months during weight loss, then stopped for 3 weeks. And on the 23rd of August I smoked up a couple but have been taking diuretics and drinking plenty of water, I’m 204 now and detoxing like hell, more than 3 liters of water per day and I have a lab urine test in 2 days? How does it look?

    1. Hello Mikee, you have a very specific situation; you lost 50 pounds during marijuana use and hence the THC that would otherwise stick to fat tissue was now sticking to fat tissue that was slowly being burned away.
      Detoxing like hell is the way to go. You will be abstinent for less than 20 days, however, given that the THC intake on 23rd August was not extraordinarily large, you do have a good chance of passing. Be sure to switch to a high-calorie diet a day before the test and on the day of the test – that will put your body in the fat-building state and will reduce the THC that would be released into your bloodstream and urine during the time of the test. Congratulations on the weight loss and best of luck!

      1. Hey scienceweedly, first of all thank you for you’re very fast and comforting reply. Second of all I tested negative on 2 urine exams, one home screen drug test, and the other was a well know drug lab which I also tested negative! Thank you for you’re reliable information I have found that this is the best website to dig and look for info, I am very grateful for this website and the awesome people working at it. Also thank you for you’re motivation! I highly recommend everyone this website. One thing is for sure.. I AM NEVER SMOKING AGAIN! Cheers to the best damn website on the internet!!

        1. Congratulations Mikee! You’re too kind, we’re only trying to help each other here. I’m glad it all worked out well for you.

  62. 5ft female 140 pounds, I haven’t smoked in 35 days. I smoked heavy for 2 weeks before I stopped. Do you think im clean in 35 days? I took two at home tests and got a really faint line for my negative result

    1. Hello Loki, smoking for 2 weeks didn’t accumulate an extraordinarily large amount of THC in your fat tissue (as is the case with chronic users) and therefore 35 days might be enough. The negative result on the home drug test is a great indication you’re negative. About the faint line; we had many cases in which the intensity of the line was the issue, the results you got is almost 100% a negative result.

  63. Hey, thanks for all the information. I’m 5’9(male), 8.9% body fat (just did a body scan at the gym). I weigh 132lbs. Cardio and gym everyday, about 15/20 min sauna per day. Haven’t smoked in 4 days and have a drug test in 9 days. I’m also doing the 3 day toxin rid this week. I only eat fish and vegetables. I know there is no exact answer however do you think I have a good chance of passing a drug test? Thank you.

      1. Hello Will, congratulations on the body fat percentage. Chronic smokers do accumulate THC in their fat tissue but you have less than average amount of fat tissue, are physically incredibly active and consume an above-average amount of fluids.
        13 days from the last joint to a drug test is cutting it close. However, with the 3-day Toxin Rid and the incredible detox dedication, you have surprisingly high chances of passing. Enjoying a high-fiber diet will only boost the Toxin Rid effectiveness (majority – about 60% of THC – is eliminated via feces and alfalfa leaf extract in Toxin Rid pre-rid pills significantly increases elimination via feces).
        Be sure to switch to a high-calorie diet a day before the test and on the day of the test to capture all the potentially remaining THC in your fat tissue.
        All in all, you have a perfect plan and thus very good chances of passing a test. Good luck!

        1. Thank you so much, I’m going to stick to my plan, I also want to note that the last few times I smoked it was with someone else so it was more like half a joint. It’ll be a total of 15 days without smoking before I take the test. Again thank you for your incite.

  64. I am a 5’8” 150lb female and I smoked a joint 23 days ago. Prior to that it was infrequent, maybe 2-3 hits 2 nights on week, nothing the next, a few hits 2 nights the next week. And nothing may-July. I took a home drug test on Friday and it was negative though the bottom line was kind of faint. I took my pre employment screen today for a hospital job and do not know the results yet. Do you think there was a good chance I passed?

    1. Hello Nicole, you will almost certainly pass the test. 23 days is more than enough for 1 joint to clear out of your system.

    1. Hello Micheal, 45 days is usually more than enough for all of the THC leave the body. Despite smoking about 40 times, you have excellent chances of passing a drug test.

  65. First of all, this is the best website ever.

    So, I used to smoke a lot when I was in college (probably 2+ grams a day minimum) but slowed down a lot post grad. Since summer 2018, I haven’t smoked nearly as much, but did pick it up again pretty regularly back in October/November of last year until May 2019. Maybe smoking 1/2 – 2 blunts if I was with friends a few times a week, or pretty regularly a few hits from a bowl in late spring. Since then, I haven’t smoked regularly at all but I smoked quite a bit at a festival in mid-June. Didn’t really smoke anything after that until one month ago when I took a few hits off a bowl and then again last night shared 2 blunts with 1-4 friends. I didn’t smoke at all between the two most recent uses. I feel so stupid for it now though because I woke up this morning after smoking with a brand new job offer and found out I have to pass a screening by Monday at the latest. Of course I’m not gonna smoke anymore, but really hope I have a shot at passing this test. I’m female, 5’6” and avg 164-168 lbs. Not super active but I do yoga sometimes; don’t have a great diet but have recently been cleaning it up and juicing because of a bad cold.

    Any advice is much appreciated!

    1. Hello KC, the struggle of waking up with a brand new job offer and becoming immediately concerned if you’re going to pass a drug test is real.
      Good news is that all the heavy smoking from college has already left your body. The most concerning are the 2 shared blunts from last night. Monday is about 5 days away; I would recommend you to go to your local pharmacy and buy home drug tests. Chances are that the 2 blunts didn’t contain high amounts of THC and you might be testing negative already. If a home drug test gives you a positive result, you should start with the THC detox – you can really all about how to do it properly here. It does include physical activity, drinking large amounts of water and even getting some significant help with THC detox kits that work well.
      Hope everything goes well and that you’re testing negative already.

  66. This website is great and so far after reading every word (ha!) has eased my worries. I’m 5’3” and 145 pounds/age 33/woman. I was a heavy smoker for years then quit for a year and a half due to a medical program. Work at a restaurant so was tempted this summer during break. I smoked a vape pen daily for about 2 months, probably 1-3 hits of it a day. Guess I’d say moderate smoker during that time. Quit for a week and then decided to partake at a concert in July. So to finally get to the point! I will have been clean for 53 days when tested at labcorp. Took an equate test, negative faint line (seems to be the norm) and then a cheapo $1 test, again even slighter faint line. My friends think I’m crazy for even being worried. Please tell me they’re right!

    1. Dear Worrywart, why so worried? Your friends are right. Several things have to be majorly wrong to test positive after 53 days (such as chronic heavy smoking, high BMI). The $1 test should be as accurate as $100 test with minute differences; I’m glad you’ve checked about that faint line issue that comes up again and again. For what I can gather, you’ve tested negative on the home drug test and you are already in the safe zone.
      Thank you for reading every word, really means a lot!
      P.S.: Labs can have a long turnaround time. So don’t get worried if you don’t get the results after a couple of days; nothing is wrong, it just takes the lab some time to process the results.

      1. Thank you for the reply. So glad for this thread and you! This test just basically determines my future and although I know I could’ve made better decisions this summer it’s a true bummer that our country is so ridiculous about marijuana.

  67. Hello, I am 5’8 165lb male. I was a heavy dabber and edibles consumer until 50 days ago. I tested positive for THC on my 37th day clean on a 20ng test. I past a 50 ng for a job that following day and also past an at home 50 ng test 2 days after passing for the job. I have to take another 20 ng test in 2 days, which will be 52 days clean and about 16 days after passing the 50ng tests. What are my chances of passing the 20ng test?

    1. Dear Frogger, thank you for a very good question – the difference between passing a 50 ng/ml and 20 ng/ml. To pass a 50 20 ng/ml test, one should consider the half-life of THC. The only good study conducted in this area says that the half-life of THC in the human body is about 1.3-1.4 days but that was measured with a high THC blood concentrations and doesn’t translate well to low THC blood concentration. In short, we don’t really know because of pharmacokinetic uncertainties.

      However, using a rough estimate, the situation here is quite clear. 16 days after passing the 50 ng/ml drug test is more than enough time for the THC levels in your blood (and hence urine) to drop so much that even the 20 ng/ml drug test won’t detect the THC in urine.
      In any case, be sure to enjoy a high-calorie diet before the test (this will furthermore increase your chances of passing the test). Good luck!

      1. I eat a variety of vegetables and have two BM’s a day. I’m not a vegetarian though and eat meat only once a day. I am pretty active at work. I also avoid most sugary foods besides a few sodas throughout the week. I also have been drinking a lot of water. My at home test for 50ng I even took as my first urine of the morning and still passed the line was kinda of faint but a line is still passing. Is it common for dabs to stay in your system for longer than traditional cannabis? Thank you for the info.

        1. The morning urine usually has the highest concentration of THC; if you’ve passed a home test using morning urines that’s a further confirmation you’re in a good shape for a drug test.
          Dabs vs. cannabis is an interesting question. It boils down purely on how much THC has entered your bloodstream. From there on drug kinetics (distribution, metabolism, elimination) is identical for dabs and cannabis. How much THC has entered the bloodstream again depends on THC-content, quantity, absorption coefficient and so on.

  68. Hi there.. im a female, 34yrs old 5’2 and and around 175lbs. I shared one pure joint and one mixed joint with a friend on 1st september and didnt smoke any eversince. But next week i will have a urine and blood test. Will the test be negative?

    1. Hello Jenkins, if you have a urine test next week, you will almost certainly pass it. Unfortunately, passing a blood test is much more questionable. The sensitive of that test is much higher than with a standard urine test. I wish you all the best!

      1. Thank u so much for your response. But can you clarify more about the blood test? correct me if im wrong but from what ive read, thc can only be detected in the bloodstream for 3 to 4hours after consumption.
        Will thc shown in my blood even though the blood test is for FBC (full blood count)?

        1. While it can be true that a blood drug test can detect THC in your bloodstream only 3-4 hours after ingestion, you should not count on it. With blood test, the sensitivity of the test used is of paramount importance. The low sensitivity test will detect THC only hours after ingestion but the highest sensitivity one can detect it for months. So, it’s incredibly difficult to say for your if we don’t know what kind of test they will run.
          The FBC test is usually not looking for drugs; its purpose is to detect medical condition such as anemia or infections. If this is the blood test you’re likely to face, you don’t have to worry – they are looking for your wellbeing, not drugs.

  69. I am 5’4 female 142 lbs and the last time I vapes thc was about 9 days ago. I regularly vape every night 1 to 3 puffs for sleep. I have a employment drug test in 2 days. I work out vigorously 5 days a week with some weight lifting. I’ve lost 9 lbs in the last few weeks, drank 2 detox drinks (Qcarbo32) and have done hot yoga to sweat a lot. I took at home drug tests and have not passed them yet. I took one this morning and there was a slight red line (which means a negative). The other tests I took days ago all stated a positive result. Two different tests. The first ones were First Check tests that check for 4-7 different drugs even though I only needed marijuana test. The others were At Home drug testa just for marijuana (cheaper) but they give a negative or preliminary (and you have to send to their lab for further testing). I’m giving platelets (2.5 hour process that removes platelets and then returns your blood – in a week my platelets will be back up again) tomorrow morning hoping that will help me pass the drug test in two days. My question is do you think I will pass? Thank you.

    1. Also I am a 49 year old vaping for the last 2 years and smoking it a few years prior. I did pass a drug test 3 years ago but I had time to abstain for almost a month.

    2. Hello Shannon, thank you for a very extensive insight. You are increasing the THC elimination in a number of ways, all of them are helping you improve the chances of passing. The best information is that despite being a chronic user, you have lost 9 lbs in the last two weeks. This has forced THC, accumulated in your fat cells, into the bloodstream and significantly increased THC elimination. I have to say I am unaware of the platelets procedure and its effect of passing a drug test; an interesting and thorough approach.

      With such varied factors, it’s hard to say and it’s best to trust the home drug tests. If they are negative, there is a strong chance you will pass. However, do enjoy a high calorie-diet before the test to stop the remaining THC to be eliminated via the urine. Hope this helps.

      1. I’m 5’10 205lb male fairly in shape. I took 3 puffs off a vape pen Friday night and had to pee Monday morning. Havent smoked in months. Maybe 3x a year user. Drank a lot of water right before. Urine still had good color to it. Your thoughts??

        1. Hello Mike, this one could go either way. Diluting your urine a bit is a good idea, I hope the test comes back negative.

  70. I’m 5’9 180 pounds average build to be honest. I smoked almost daily for a month and a half to 2 months then stopped. I have 36 days until my test what are the chances of me passing you think?

    1. Really depends on how much THC you’ve inhaled during these 2 months. 36 days is a fairly long period and you do have a chance of passing a standard urine test without proper detox. Nonetheless, you definitely don’t want to gamble with drug tests; I would recommend either higher physical activity/hydration for a month or a low-dose of THC detox pills (to increase THC elimination in the most substantial way).

  71. Got hit with a random UA Monday am. Took three puffs of a vape the Friday night prior. Went home Monday afternoon and took a home thc test and it was clean. Still worried lol. I’m 5’10 205lbs 17% body fat. Haven’t partaken in months. Am I trippin for no reason???

    1. 3 puffs of vape and 3 days can be a gamble. You’ll more pass more likely than fail but with so many factors in such a short period of time, it’s hard to say. The home THC test being negative is the best confirmation you have for not trippin for no reason.

  72. I’m 5’3, weigh 155 pounds & am a female. I have a 10 panel coming up soon, I don’t know if it’s going to be blood or urine. I smoked about 4 daily. But I decreased my used before stopping completely on August 10th. What is my possibility of passing? How long does weed stay in your blood?

    1. Now it will be about 40 days after your last inhalation; that’s is enough in most cases, with the exception of heavy chronic smokers. You do have a good chance of passing but it’s definitely not a 100% certainty. You should test yourself with home THC test to see if you are already negative, or alternatively, if you’re positive you should do a quick THC detox.

  73. I am 5’8 and 195lbs and I hit the joint at least 4-5 times during a smoke session. I did not have a whole joint to myself. But i have a drug test in 9 days, will I be okay?

  74. Hello, I’m a female, chronic smoker, wouldn’t say joints but I definitely smoke 6 bowls a day, 5’6, 200lbs exact . Pls help lol

    1. Hello Maria, a rough estimate to pass a drug test for somebody with your body constitution and frequency of use is about 40 days. If you have a drug test in less than 40 days, you should definitely start with whole THC detox. If you have a drug test is about 40 days, higher physical activity/hydration with home THC test to confirm you’re negative might be enough. If you have a lot more than 40 days until the drug test, you have little to be worried about. Hope this helps.

  75. Hello, I’ve been a chronic smoker for as long as I can remember, smoking 2 blunts a day with 2-3 friends, on weekends I’d normally smoke that amount alone, maybe even three, I’m 135lbs, and I’m a tall men, 23 years of age, I got a urine test in exactly a month from today, you think I could pass it, and what can I do to increase my chances, cause I’m tripping like hell right now, Thank you

    1. For a chronic male smoker, 30 days is usually not enough time to pass a drug test with any degree of certainty. However, you have a very low BMI which is helpful and you do have a higher chance of passing due to this factor. Nonetheless, I would advise you not to lose time and start with a natural THC detox – physical activity (cardio), higher hydration rates and even THC detox pills – right away. It’s better to flush out THC in 20 days than to be 30 days.

  76. HELP !!!!!

    5’6″, 130 lbs female. 20.8 BMI. Been smoking high grade moroccan hash since mid May ’19. Two to 3 joints every day. stopped cold turkey for 3 weeks in june. Picked up on june 28th Stopped on August 31st. When can i expect to pee clean? I have lab tests coming up (dunno when exactly but should around november). I do 20 min of Stationary bike cardio everyday minimum. Easily go above my 10000 daily steps (i walk everywhere). Drink more than a gallon of water everyday, and try to stay away from sugars and fats.

    1. Hello Miss Anxiety, your uneasiness is pretty justified. Smoking 10-20 joints/week with above average THC content will quickly increase the time it takes for your body to flush all the THC out. You have a low BMI and have stopped for 3 weeks; the THC accumulation in your fat cells is not as substantial. However, you will need about 40 days of abstinence to flush all THC out. I would suggest being physically active in the first 30 days, then checking with a home drug test to see if you’re already testing negative, and if not, a small dose of THC detox pills should squeeze the rest of the THC out before the drug test.

  77. I just wanted to follow up and let everyone know that I did pass the 20 ng cutoff drug test 16 days after the 50 ng test which I passed as well (the 50 ng test was taken 37 days clean). I wanna add that I was still dirty on a 20 ng cutoff test which I took which was 36 days after my last time dabbing (the day before passing the 50 ng cutoff). Also I would like to add that within that 16 days between passing the 50 ng cutoff and the 20 ng cutoff that I consumed seval fruit based gummies that contained pectin each day. I would like to know of pectin especially if consumed daily actually helps detox THC from the body? It is my understanding that people use pectin a day or two prior to a drug test to help the THC stay in their stool and not pass through their urine. I’m curious to know if one were to use pectin in their daily diet instead of just as a quick detox will it help decrease the time it takes for THC to leave their body? I have read that you pass more THC through the stool than your urine. It would make since to me that using pectin along with a high fiber diet will decrease the amount of time that THC will be detected in your system.

    1. Congratulations on passing the 20 ng/ml test!
      There has been a lot of talk about the pectin and THC detox (Certo method). However, we really try to follow the scientific studies here and up till now there has been no study that would correlate the use of pectin and higher speed of THC elimination.
      Nonetheless, you are correct that elimination via stool is much more significant than the elimination via urine. Alfalfa leaf extract, for example, is the best ingredient of pre-rid pills that we have in order to increase the speed of THC elimination via stool.

  78. I’m 5’3 and weight 180lbs. I’m physically active, but the last time I smoked was August 15th. It was my 4th time smoking, so I don’t smoke a lot. Will I test positive in a urine test?

  79. hello I’m at 6’0 male about 178-185 pounds heavy daily user from, wax, flower to thca, I’m looking to get a new job soon by the end of the year and would like to get a idea of how long I need to pass a piss test…. and could I use lab tested cbd while I wait during the detox phase?

    1. Hello there, it would be best to avoid weed and any cannabinoid-rich substances in general. CBD is not a part of regular drug test panels; it won’t affect a THC drug test.

  80. I’m 6’5″ gained 60 pounds over 6 months because of a work injury that kinda messed my whole exercise regimen up. Stopped smoking heavily 6 months ago, but I smoked a few hits on 4 separate occasions between 8 days and 18 days ago. Do you think I’d still test positive because of my extreme weight gain?

    1. Hello Alex, gaining weight and smoking will accumulate THC in layers of new fat cells. However, the accumulated THC from 6 months ago should be gone by now and the recent smoking is not ready chronic enough to warrant some kind of accumulation. As always, you should check with a home drug test to confirm you’re negative.

  81. Hi! I am 6’5 and 175 lbs. I haven’t smoked for 2 weeks and four days, although the last four days of that were minimal use – probably less than five hits of low-grade from a bowl. I took 1 or two hits of high grade 3 weeks ago. I took a cheap home test 3 days ago and passed – I have a drug test tomorrow – where do you think I stand?

    1. Hello Jason, the speed of weed elimination is influenced by numerous factors we try to take into the equation here; however, the negative home drug test provide a welcoming certainty to this chaos of factors. In short, you should not be worried. Considering your use and body composition, you should already by testing negative, and you have confirmed that with a negative home drug test.

  82. I am 24yrs old, and weigh 97lbs and 5’1”.. I am going on 4days w/o smoking, and I was a heavy smoker. I was smoking 4-5 joints a day and including bowls. I am somewhat active. But I am trying to see how long it would take someone like me to clean my urine before my drug for my new employer.

    1. Hello Miranda, smart of you to plan ahead. Calculating the time someone will need to pass a drug test is the most difficult for heavy smokers (because the factor of THC accumulation is really tricky to nail down). Given your body constitution, young metabolism, a certain amount of activity and heavy daily use, it should take around 40 days. With some kind of detox plan, you can significantly reduce that time, the alternative, obviously, is synthetic urine.

  83. Hello! First off you rock! I am a 5’8 female weighing 189lbs. Week days I smoked 1-2 bowl packs and weekends roughly 5 bps for going on 5 years. I last smoked on 9/14 and expect my test to be on or around 11/4. Between now and then I plan to increase my cardio and fiber. Should I be okay?

    1. Hello Kat, quite an interesting case. The whole question here is ‘Was the weekend THC flushed out during the week to prevent accumulation?’. This is almost impossible to know, but a simple home drug test should be able to tell you if you need cardio and fiber (good plan for very light users). You can get one in your local pharmacy for a few dollars and if you test negative, you can avoid cardio (obviously, cardio is great for any number of reasons).

      1. Oh wow that’s actually better news than I thought, as I considered my daily use pretty chronic. I plan to buy an at home test so we’ll see!

  84. 183lb – female around 5’7″ hit bowl at nights. 2-3 times. One bowl would last several days. Typically was a nightly routine. I have not used in two weeks. I have uped my water consumption but struggling a bit with that. Slightly failed a test tonight. Possible drug test next week. Anything I can do extra to ensure passing?

    1. If you’re almost passing, physical activity (cardio) and increased hydration are helpful. Also a change in diet to a high-calorie diet; this will trap the remaining THC in your fat cells.

  85. I’m a 5’4 female 180lbs. Smoked heavily for a couple years until last May. I was abstinent from May 1 to June 10. Since then I’ve maybe smoked 10 joints. The heaviest being the first 2 weeks of September I smoked a total of 3 joints over 2 weeks (broke them up and smoked bowls). I took a drug test yesterday for work at day 21 abstinent. I had self tested with 50ng/ml cups and passed those but I’m worried the UDS I took was a 20ng/ml test.

    1. Hello Weddy, those 40 days should have flushed most of the (old) THC out. After that being 21 days abstinent is quite a lengthy period, and passing the 50 ng/ml test proves that. The 20 ng/ml test is tougher to pass; however, you do have a good chance of passing it.

      1. I did have a negative drug screen on June 10th after 40 days abstinent. I gave my specimen on 10/6 for this job and have yet to hear from it. I am mostly sedentary but I was hydrating like crazy for 2 weeks prior to the UDS in anticipation. I’m just nervous!

        1. Hello Weddy, almost everybody is nervous when they don’t get the info about the drug test within the first week. Relax, this is normal, labs have a slow turnaround time.

  86. Used to smoke everyday during the summer, but started slowing down a lot. Stopped on August 20, had a edible mid September, and took about 5-6 hits of the bong with a friend yesterday. Need to be clean for an issued test by the end of the month/beginning of next month. I am 5’8 and weigh 190, and male. Please reply back with how long you think it’ll take.

    1. Hello Mark, the bulk of THC from those summer days has fortunately already left your system. The edible in mid-September is also already flushed out – the only thing you should be concerned about are those 5-6 hits you had yesterday – and only if you have an immediately pending drug test. At the end of September, you will be free of THC (high probability), you can check with a home drug test to be sure.

  87. help i use to smoke a couple jays a day but stopped 2-3 months ago and had 1 jay 4 weeks ago and then 2 jays 10 days ago, gotta pee test in 11 more days im 145 pounds and 6 ft with a high metabolism , work out but havent really in the past 2 weeks what are my chances

    1. Very good. You just have to worry about those 2 jays 10 days ago; in 11 days they will almost certainly be flushed out of your system. Having a low BMI gives you an advantage as well.

  88. Hi, I’m 6’3 200 pounds and 21 years old. I was a once a week user most of this year until I got a pen in June. I may have had 4-5 edibles during the spring but once I got the pen, i smoked about 2-3 times a week. 2-3 hits was all it took those nights as well. I quit October 2nd and will most likely take a test for employment mid- November. All I drink is water as well and beers on Fridays. I would say I have an above average metabolism. I have a little fat on the mid-section but that’s it. I just wanted to know how safe I am for that test?

    1. Hello John, you’ll be pretty safe. Only chronic heavy smokers do test positive after 40 days of abstinence. In the beginning of November, do check yourself with home drug tests to confirm you’re testing negative.

  89. I’m 5’2, 160 lbs and I’m a chronic smoker. I’ve been doing Keto for the last month and went from 180-160. I stopped smoking 4 days ago and have a drug test coming up. How long before my system is completely cleaned out? I want to try and pass the test naturally cause I’m nervous to use synthetic urine.

    1. Hello Jazmyne, congratulations on 20 lost pounds! Keto is a great way to expedite the elimination of THC from fat cells. How long it will take? It’s really hard to say for chronic smokers but somebody with your BMI should be abstinent for at least 40 days to pass. The keto does help but it’s really hard to estimate how much does it help.

  90. 5’9 weight at 160lbs, male, smoked about a gram a day for a while, and have 20 days until a drug test, drink lots of water and work a extremely active job. What ya think?

    1. Hello Dallas, if you were a chronic smoker for a while, 20 days would probably not be enough for all the weed to go out of your system on it’s own. It would take at least 30-35 days.

  91. I am 5’6 145 pounds…female! I work out HARD everyday! I don’t smoke…I took capsules called Deeper sleep for insomnia for around 2 months…5-10mg of thc. Stopped 3 nights ago…have test in 5 days. Took a home test today with a faint red line…is that a negative?

    1. Hello Chloe, follow the instructions that come with the home drug test to confirm if it’s negative or positive. Most of the tests will have one control line and one positive/negative line. I’m not familiar with Deeper sleep pills; 5-10 mg of THC is generally a low dose that could be flushed out on day to day basis; meaning THC did not accumulate in your fat tissue. So you could be fine; read the home drug test and you’ll know for certain.

  92. 5”11”, 200 LBS, male. I work out daily and am pretty muscular. I smoke a few hits daily and go through about a quarter every 2-3 weeks. With intense workouts and a high fiber diet, how long do you think it will take me to be clean?

    1. Hello Dan, generally it depends on your BMI, but given you’re working out, it’s hard to calculate how much body fat you have; muscles can distort BMI somewhat. Roughly speaking, it will take about 20 days; with high-intensity workouts and high fiber diet maybe 15 days.

  93. I was a heavy smoker about 1 to 2 grams per day for roughly 3months, I have abstained for roughly 45 days. I’m 5’10 and weigh 68 kg, my job is also really active as I walk on average 30,000 steps a day, what is the likelihood of me passing a urine test, many thanks….

    1. Hello Chris, you have quite a high chance of passing, as a matter of fact. Do check if you’re already testing negative with home drug test; given your activity and average BMI, you are probably already in the safe zone.

  94. Considering trying for the first time. 5’10” male with 23% BMI. I’m assuming less than a week to be clean again? I’m guessing potency of the weed will matter? What is considered high potency that should stay under to be clean again in a week? Does it matter if it’s edibles or smoked?

    1. Hello there, you are right – there are several factors that determine roughly how long your body will need to flush out enough weed for you to pass a drug test. The No. 1 factor is how much you smoke; one joint will usually leave your body within 1 week. If, on the other hand, you are a chronic smoker, THC will accumulate in your body fat and it will take longer; maybe even 40+ days.
      In the end, all that matters is the amount of THC that gets absorbed in your blood; high potency means more THC, absorption is pretty much similar to edibles and smoking and so on.

  95. Male, 100lbs 1 bowl a day, 5’5. I’ve smoked for a long time but I dont smoke hardcore. I have a test in 2 weeks, if I detox immediately, can the science work magic?

    1. Hello Joseph, 2 weeks is enough if you invest in a THC detox and are enough dedicated to diet/cardio. Given the low BMI, it is very much possible.

  96. I’m a male, 26 years old, 5’2 and weigh atleast 132lbs and i was a heavy smoker atleast 2-3 joints a day but ive been clean for nearly 2 months. Do you think by now im clean if i take a test?

    1. Hello KD, yes, you are already clean. You should check with a home drug test but pretty much everybody is clean after 2 months.

  97. Hello, I am 5’1, 190 pounds. I hit a joint on or around about Oct 4th. I have to take a drug test on the 25th which is tomorrow, will I pass

      1. 5’6 female, 100/105 lbs, semi active
        I’ve been a daily smoker for years. However, I only smoke “Gravities” out of a socket. About 5/6 gravities a day. I stopped smoking for 2 weeks 3 days. Then started again, but only 1 maybe 2 each night. I then stopped again and it has been 33 days. I have a drug test this afternoon. Should I pass???

        1. Hello Kayla, given all the info there is a high probability that you will pass. It’s not a 100% guarantee but you do have very good chances.

  98. Hello, I’m approximately 5’4” and weigh about 130 lbs (BMI about 22). I’m a female. I was going through about an eighth (3.5 grams) in a week, and I smoked every day for 2 years. I have to take a drug test at some point before December 16th. I am currently 2 days clean. I was wondering how long you think it will be until I will be clean?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hello KT, approximately 30-40 days, based on the BMI of 22. It’s really difficult to say for chronic users; THC is accumulated in fat tissue over the years and it has to leave the system. The elimination speed of THC being extracted from fat tissue and eliminated via feces/urine is the hardest to predict, has a lot to do with your metabolism.

  99. 5’7 female, 147 lbs and 30 years old.

    Quit 6 days ago and have more than a month before I have to take a drug test (in roughly six weeks). Only issue is I was a chronic user before. Smoked about two-three 1 gram joints daily for years. I’ve been drinking tons of water and plan on doing cardio/Pilates/yoga 4 times a week. Drinking 70 ounces of water daily and taking vitamins. I’m so worried though, since the only weed I ever smoked is potent. I have to take a drug test for my clinical site at a hospital and I have bought drugs tests and I’m obviously still testing positive. Do you think there’s a chance I could fail in mid December if I stopped now? (Late October). Do you have any tips to speed up the process naturally?


    1. Hello Rox, sorry for the late reply. 6 weeks is more than enough to pass a drug test naturally. Drinking water, cardio, and detox pills (if a heavy smoker) is the way to go. Check with the drug tests and if you’re still testing positive 2 weeks before the drug test, I would recommend doing a 5-day Toxin Rid program. That should clear out all the THC much quicker.

  100. Hi, I’m 110 lb female. 5’3. My BMI is about 22-25.My smoking history is smoking a few bowls on the weekends and OCCASIONALLY a joint. (Weekends only) It’s been 43 days since I’ve smoked and have to take a urine test in a couple days. I drink atleast 24 oz of water a day. Worried about passing…

    1. Hello Livi, sorry for the late reply. By now, you must have passed the drug test already. 40+ days is more than enough in your case.

  101. I’m am 5’8 150 pounds I vape weed or thc twice everyday for 2 months straight I have a BMI I think of 10-15 I just stop yesterday will I come clean in 45 days

    Note during the 2 month span I did take a intolerance break for about five days

    1. Hello Mike, you have a very good chance of being clean after 45 days. Only chronic users with BMI above 20 test positive after 40 days or more.

  102. I’m 5’8 230 lbs
    Last smoked was August 13th , if I were to smoke a joint how long would it last in my system as of today ?

  103. Good morning, I am male. 5’11 and 290lbs. Last U smoked was a quarter of a bowl and a cpuple puffs. That was on the 4th of october. I had my urine test on the 29th of october. Do you think I will pass?

    1. Hello there, 25 days is more than enough for your body to eliminate all the THC from a quarter of the bowl and a couple of puffs. Hopefully, you have the negative results already.

  104. I am a 28 year old male.
    I am 5’7″ 150lbs.
    12% body fat.
    Above Average metabolism
    5 hrs of heavy weight lifting a week.

    I smoke about 20 hits of my weed pen a week in addition to half an occasional bowl pack.

    I will either have 19 or 23 days of total abstinence from THC before my drug test. Will I pass?

    1. Hello Calvin, in normal circumstances you would be in trouble. However, you have the training, low body fat and fast metabolism in your favor. Honestly, it’s still a 50:50 chance here.

  105. I’m 5’8 weigh 151 I vape weed twice a day for about 2 months straight with a BMI of 12 will I be clean in 45 days please answer as this important for me to know so can you respond a soon as possible

  106. Hi, I’m 6’5 and around 215 lbs. my metabolism is somewhat fast and not very active, I do walk a bit though, but nothing intense. I took a 1-2 month break and used to be a chronic smoker. After the 1 and half month break I started taking a few hits off the bowl for about 2 weeks straight. I haven’t smoked in 5 days. How long do you think until I can pass a test?

    1. Hello Joe, you have a very complex situation going on, with the frequency of use and above average height as well. It’s hard to tell; the best estimate would be that you’ll need about 25-30 days for all the THC to leave your system, but that really is a rough estimate.

  107. William Van Der Veen

    I am a 58 year old male and have smoked a joint per day for years. I weigh 230 lbs. I quit cold turkey 35 days ago. How long should it take before I can pass a standard pre employment urine test?

    1. Hello William, being a chronic smoker for so long, it can take quite a while, even 50-60 days. The best way to figure out is to go to your local pharmacy, buy some home drug test and check when you are starting to test negative. Depending on how fast your metabolism is, it can be anything between 30-60 days.

  108. He has taken two at home drug test and the top line was dark red and the second line was very faint does that mean he is positive or negative

    1. Which drug test was used? The problem with many drug tests is that they have those ‘faint’ lines which make it difficult to determine if it’s a positive or a negative result. Faint line in most cases means a negative result.

  109. Hello,
    Female, 270 Pounds, 5 ft 6 in
    I’m a chunk so i’m worried. Me and my boyfriend used to share 1 to 2 small bowls a night. I quit for 30 days. Then I traveled one week and had several edibles (5.25mg.) I shared two Ghost Train Haze joints between 4 of us. I stopped smoking on 10/24. I’ve been going to the gym for the past 4 months working on weightloss. Mostly cardio with some weight lifting, have dropped about 33 pounds. How long do you think it would take to get out of my system for a UA?

    1. Hello there, doing cardio and losing weight is the way to go. You have quite a complex situation there and it’s really hard to estimate how long will it take. The best thing is to use a home drug test to check yourself; with the tremendous 33-pound weight loss, you might even be testing negative right now.

  110. Hello, I am 5’2″ weigh between 140-145. I’m not very active outside of my factory job, but do drink water frequently. I’m not sure whether I would be considered a chronic smoker or not usually a small bowl once or twice a day, sometimes half a joint here and there of high quality. I have not smoked since October 6th. I have taken 3 home tests with cut off level at 50ng/ml they have all came back negative with the test line being rather faint. I should be taking a urine test in a week for my job. I’m really stressing over this. What are my chances of passing?

    1. Hello Kelsey, the best proof you’re testing negative is the negative home drug test. There is little to be worried about if you have passed 3 drug tests already; the home ones are the same ones the labs usually use.

  111. Hey there need some help.
    I am 255 lbs, and 5’7.
    I hit a joint about 5-7 times about 3 weeks ago, a long with a bong rip, the day before. I have taken two at home tests which both came out negative, and i have a drug test tomorrow but I just want to know if i’ll be good or not.

  112. Hello I am around 300lbs, 5’8 male. I’m barely passing a dip stick test with a faint line and it took me almost 3 months for that to show up. In the new year I would like to loose weight, but would that have an effect on any future drug tests?

    1. Hello Fermin, that’s a great question! Lets first clear up the ‘faint line’. ‘Faint line’ in a majority of cases is a negative result.

      Burning fat tissue does release THC trapped there. However, I’m doubtful that the speed at which it is released is significant enough to show on a drug test. No one has done the experimental work on this one so it’s hard to say.

  113. Tyler Massengale

    Hi im a 5’9 male weighing around 125-130lbs and i smoked about 3.5 grams a day for about a year but also work outside and swet the majority of my days. I just quit 7 days ago and ended up taking 1 toke from a pipe of top shelf bud on the 8th day. I have hardly any body fat and drink plenty water. Should i be good for a drug test in 30 days

    1. Hello Tyler, 3.5 grams/day is quite substantial but the low BMI (body fat) can save you here. Normally, it would take about 40 days for a heavy chronic smoker to pass a drug test. However, with your physique and activity, you will probably be able to pass a drug test even in 30 days. It’s impossible to know for sure; check with a home drug test after 30 days and you’ll see if it’s negative or not.

  114. I weigh 198 and I’m 5’3, I smoked for the first time in a while and took two bong rips and that was 5 days ago. I have a drug test in two weeks will I be okay? And what can help me get rid of it

    1. Hello Dez, you won’t have problems passing a drug test. 19 full days is more than enough for those bong rips and a joint to leave your system.

  115. I been dabbing CBD isolate at nights before bed using a glass straw that has only been used for CBD isolate. About 50mg a night. The isolate has been 3rd party tested and is 99.9% CBD and the COA says ND for THC and all other listed cannabionoids. Will the use of the CBD isolate trigger a false positive in any drug test?

    1. Hello Frogger, pure CBD will not show on a drug test. Drug screening panels detect THC metabolite (THC-COOH) that is not present in CBD and cannot be made out of CBD in our body.
      The only problem would be if CBD isolate would contain trace amounts of THC. In your case, with 99.9% CBD, that is not the case and you have nothing to worry about.

  116. I rarely smoke. Maybe a handful of times a month. Maybe. I’m a female, 5”11, and I am around 178 pounds. Kinda active and I eat okay. I smoked a little with a friend 12 days ago and had a preemployment test on the 13th day. I did a test at home and passed but wanted to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

    1. Hello Jamie, it’s normal to be anxious if you don’t get the drug test results back in the first week. A negative at home drug test is the strongest possible indicator you will pass a drug test. You have little to worry about.

  117. I’m a 5’2 115 pound male I smoked 7 days ago I used to smoke a lot but I’ve been working out 3 times a week and drinking a shit ton of water how long does it take for me

  118. I haven’t smoked all year. I smoked half a joint around the 28th of October. Then on the 9th of November I went to a speak easy that was for smokers. I hit a bong with pure thc crystals like 3 times, had one medical marijuana gummy someone gave me, and smoked a joint with one other person. I got super high that night. I haven’t smoked since then, but I have a random drug test tommorrow November 19th. I did a home test that tests up to level 50. One line is positive and two lines are negative. I had one bold line and a second line that was extremely faint. Its definetly there but bearly. I am 5’4 and probebly around 150 to 160lbs. I haven’t really been going to the gym at all this month although usually I am regularly active. What do you think my odds are and if it doesnt look good do synthetics really work?

    1. Hello Vera, sorry for the late response. Given the 10 day abstinence, you have a much higher chance of passing than not. It really depends how much of THC remained in your system from that 9th Nov sesh but given your body constitution, you should be fine. To answer the other question: well, yes, obviously synthetic urine works.

  119. Hello I am a female 5’5 169pounds October 16 was the day I smoked a half of a blunt and last Tuesday I smoked 2 joints how long will it take for me to past a drug test I drink plenty of water and cranberry juice daily semi-active daily.

      1. Im 5’4 male weighing 120lbs and smoke a couple small bowls a day to relax, i seem to have a fast motabilizom and no body fat. About how long will it take for me to pass a urine test.

  120. Hello,
    I was an everday smoker of 5+ joints a day for 6 years. I stopped smoking august 22nd and stayed clean till November 19th. I smoked one joint November 20th how long would it take me to show clean on a 20ml drug test. I am 5’10 and 222 pound female.

    1. Hello Michelle, the good thing is that those 6 years of smoking are out of your system. You have to take into account only the last joint; a single joint will leave your system in less than 1 week. You’re safe.

  121. Sorry for the long post in advance,

    Hi I am a male 5’9 162 pounds. I started vaping dab carts in the beginnings of July up until September 29th, the last day I smoked. I never smoked prior to those months. I would go through about one gram dab cart in two weeks, Sometimes two in two weeks. I would basically be taking many hits from the pen throughout the day, daily, even when I was already high. Sometimes I would go under my bed sheets and use it as a sorry of hotbox (idk if this would make me have more thc stored or not). I went through about 8 1gram dab carts total over the course of 3 months. One point I had two pens and would take hits from both at the same time (I was lowkey hella addicted lmao). There was two occasions when I took like a week break from them because I could find anyone to buy them from. I quit the habit September 29th. I have a drug test in January 2020. I am athletic, Im slim with muscle but with a little Fat around my torso. Probably 15%-19% body fat. I wear 32 waist jeans. I have a kinda big butt for a guy, so idk if thc stores in there too lmfao. Im fairly active, I take the bus to school and work so I’m walking a lot too and I drink lots of water and been eating healthy, even started a Keto diet to try and speed up my detox process. I’ve lost weight over the last couple months went from 175 pounds to 162. I think my metabolism is average, not fast, not slow. I also do running 3-4 times a week for 30 mins to an hour, sometimes 2. Also started taking vitamin b12 daily to try and help. . I’m just wondering if I will be able to pass the drug testing after 100 days since it was dab carts with high potency thc. I’ve read that because thc concentrates is so high in thc % it could take more than 100 days to get clean. This is terrifying. By the drug test comes around I’ll be 108 day a clean. Should that be enough time to pass a urine test, even for a heavy thc concentrate smoker? It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of sites that put how’ve long it should take for dab cart smokers to pass, it’s usually weed that is talked about. Anyway I don’t have a ton of fat it’s just the amount of 8 gram thc concentrate that I smoked over 3 months that has me worried if I will pass. Is that a super amount? Sorry for long post again, I’m jus freaked out lol I’m never doing dabs again

    1. Hello Cody, pretty much is freaking out because of the dabs and the high THC quantity. In terms of THC elimination, however, the THC concentration has a lesser role. This is due to elimination being exponentially higher at higher concentrations. The problem is if the THC is accumulated over time in your fat cells. In any case, people who have loads of THC in their fat tissue will pass a drug test after 50 days. If you’re looking to pass a drug test in 100 days, you have nothing to worry about.

  122. Hello I’m 5,7 feet tall and 240 pounds I’m also a Male Not Physically active and I eat whatever. I used a THC vape pen for 3 days But before this I haven’t smoked in 4 long would that take to get out of my system

  123. Hello. Thanks for all the info. I hadn’t smoked or dabbed for over 4 months and just the other day I took 5 dabs throughout a night. Its my understanding that 1 dab is equal to about 10mg after combustion so 5 should be equal to about 1 joint. I may have to do a urine test later this week which would be 7 days after the dabs. I been drinking a lot of water each day as well as eating salads, drinking citrus teas high in vitamin c as well as other B vitamins, drinking green juices such as spinach and kale juices, eating salads each day, and eating gummies made from natural fruit pectin. I’ve even drank a sports drink mixed with sure jell and plan to drink another sure jell sports drink mix the night before the test. I am also very active at work. What are the chances of providing a clean urine sample within 7 days after 1 time use?

    1. Hello Timmy, the chances of passing a drug test are pretty high. A single joint will clear out in about 3-4 days. A heavy day of THC use should be cleared out in about a week.

  124. Hi, i am a 5”3, 108 lb female , and i am a chronic user. I have been using thc concentrates 1-2 times daily for the last month, and before that i was smoking about 1/4-1/2g of high thc content (20%+) flower daily a few times a week, since june 2019 ( with the exception of periods of 4-12 days where i went off of marijuana for a tolerance break). I have built up a fairly high tolerance to bud as well as concentrates and edibles, but i have a very high metabolism. The last time i smoked was today. If i abstain from smoking/using any form of thc, exercise daily and drink plenty of fluids, how long would it take me to pass a normal urinary home test hit?

    1. Hello Joy, it might take at least 40 days. With chronic use, the THC is accumulated over time and it becomes very difficult to predict the exact time it will take for all the THC to be cleared out. It’s best to buy some at home drug tests and check after 30, 40, 50 days or so to be sure.

  125. I am a female that weighs 110. I am 5’4 and have taken 1 puff every 2-3 days for 2 weeks. I am currently looking for a job and know I will be drug tested. How long will that take to clear out of my system? Thank you in advance.

  126. Hey im male 6’0 and 240~ pounds. Haven’t smoked pretty long time. Planning to get back to it on my vacation and going to consume, i would say chronically daily for about 2-3 weeks. How long would i take to get away from urine?

    1. Hello Bliza, it can take as much as 30 days for all the THC to get out. As always, be sure to check with the at-home drug test before proving your urine sample.

  127. Hello, I’m 5’6 and 120 pounds I have a good diet and am active. I have smoked a vape pen at night for the past year I have 37 days to pass my test so you think I will be in the clear?

    1. Hello Ashley, you have a very good chance to pass a drug test with 37 days of abstinence. Yes, there is a considerable quantity of THC dissolved in your fat tissue, but it should be out in about 30 days.

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